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Can you enter Australia on a 309 visa?

Subclass 309/100 and Subclass 820/801 Partner Visa holders are automatically exempt from Australia's international travel ban restrictions and can still come to Australia. A temporary concession may however apply to Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa applicants whose visa is granted from 27 February 2021. via

How long does subclass 309 visa take?

On average, subclass 309 visa applications are processed within 12 months however, this will depend on you. It is important to provide all evidence before, or at interview. If you don't, you may be requested to do so and this will delay a decision being made. via

What is an Australian 309 visa?

This visa lets the de facto partner or spouse of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen live in Australia temporarily. Getting this visa is the first step towards a permanent Partner visa (subclass 100). via

Is 309 a permanent resident visa?

The provisional 309 visa is a temporary visa while the migrant 100 visa is a permanent. The temporary provisional 309 visa is granted first, which allows the applicant to stay in Australia for two years and apply for the migrant 100 visa within that duration. via

What is a 309 visa?

The visa lets the de facto partner or spouse of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, live in Australia permanently. It is usually granted to people who hold a temporary Partner visa (subclass 309). via

How much is a Partner visa in Australia 2020?

How Much Does a Partner Visa Cost in 2020? According to the Department of Home Affairs' website, the current price of the partner visa is at AUD7,715 (this is only current at time of publishing). via

How long does it take to get 100 visa after 309?

subclass 309 Temporary Partner Visa is about 17 months for 75% of all the visa applications, and 23 months for 90% of all the visa applications. subclass 100 Permanent Partner Visa is about 11 months for 75% of all the visa applications, and 22 months for 90% of all the visa applications. via

Can I get a permanent Partner subclass 100 visa without waiting the 2 years?

22. Can I get a permanent Partner (subclass 100) visa without waiting the 2 years? The two year waiting period can be waived if, at the time you apply, you have been in a Partner relationship with your partner for three years or more, or two years or more if there are children of your relationship. via

What is the difference between subclass 309 and 820?

The 820 visa is for onshore applicants and the 309 visa is for offshore applicants. If you are in a married or de facto relationship with an Australian citizen and want to live in Australia, then you will be sponsored by your spouse or de facto partner during this two-stage visa process. via

How long does it take to get permanent residency in Australia after marriage?

Processing time will take about 18 – 24 months. In total, after you initially apply for a partner visa, it will take 3.5 – 4 years to be granted permanent residency. via

Can I study on a subclass 309 visa?

The partner visa 309 or 820 allows you to work or study in Australia. However, you will not have access for government tertiary study funding. You may also enroll in hospital care and medical benefit expense schemes such as Medicare. via

Can my Partner enter Australia?

You will not be able to travel to Australia unless you have applied for and been granted a travel exemption. Note: Partner (subclasses 100, 309, 801 and 820) and Child (subclasses 101, 102 and 445) visa holders do not need to apply for a travel exemption. via

Does 309 visa need exemption?

Visa holders (subclass 100, 309, 801, 820, 101, 102, 445) are exempt and do not need to apply for an exemption. Prospective marriage visa holders 300 will still need to apply for an exemption. via

How long permanent Partner visa takes?

Average Processing Time 2020 – 2021

subclass 801 Permanent Partner Visa is about 11 months for 75% of all the visa applications, and 19 months for 90% of all the visa applications. via

Can I stay in Australia while my visa is being processed?

You can apply for a visitor visa to come to Australia while you are waiting on an application outcome so long as the temporary visa matches your intentions. You must intend to stay only temporarily in Australia. If you are not a genuine visitor your visa may be cancelled. via

How long does it take for a Australian visa to be approved?

How long does it take to get a Australian visa or ETA? Standard processing time for the Australian visa and ETA is 24 hours. Rushed visas can be done sooner then 24 hours and super rushed processing time takes 1 hour. via

Can I bring my wife to Australia?

If you are seeking to bring your wife to Australia on a genuine partner visa, you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen, and you must be approved as a sponsor. Other requirements including health and character criteria, also apply. via

Can I sponsor my girlfriend to Australia?

Am I eligible to apply for a partner visa to Australia? To be eligible for a Partner Visa you must be married to, or in a de facto (common law) relationship, with an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Interdependent, or same-sex partners are also eligible. via

Is it hard to get a partner visa in Australia?

At almost $7,000, Australian partnership visas are among the most expensive in the world. “It's not just the application fee, you also have to factor in health examinations, police checks in Australia and any countries you've lived in for more than 12 months in the last 10 years – which can sometimes be tricky. via

Can I move to Australia if I marry an Australian?

If you are engaged to an Australian citizen or permanent resident, then you may enter Australia on a Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 130) and marry your intended. Once you enter Australia and marry your partner, you may apply for a Partner Visa. The Partner Visa is a permanent resident visa. via

How long does a subclass 100 visa take?

How long will it take for a decision to be made on your subclass 100 application? The current average processing time for the subclass 100 visa is between 18 and 26 months (based on 75-90% of applications lodged). via

How long does it take to get temporary partner visa Australia?

The Department of Home Affairs' current processing time for partner visa applications is between 17 to 21 months. via

Can you work in Australia while waiting for a partner visa?

No, not unless you have obtained a work rights waiver. If you lodge your partner visa and you still have many months left on your 417 or 462 visa, obtaining a waiver allows you to remain with your employer until a decision is made on your partner visa. via

Can a permanent partner visa be Cancelled in Australia?

The answer to this question is simply yes. All kind of visas including Permanent visas can be cancelled by department of Immigration and Border protection (DIBP). All immigrants to Australia should understand the circumstances in which a visa can be cancelled and the consequences of such a cancellation. via

What is stage1 partner visa?

You may be eligible for a partner visa if you are in a relationship with an Australian citizen, Permanent Resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen. You must either be married or be living together in a de-facto relationship. via

Is 309 eligible for Medicare?

This includes if you've applied for a combined spouse visa 309/100 or 820/801. You can enrol in Medicare from either: the date you applied for permanent residency. the date you arrived here to live if you applied outside Australia. via

What is offshore visa applicants?

An Australian offshore visa is one that is applied for from outside of Australia. The name comes from the fact that the visa is literally applied for by someone who is not standing on the shores of the country. The opposite is an Australian onshore visa, and this is one which is applied for from inside of Australia. via

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