457 Spouse Visa Checklist


Can I add my partner to my 457 visa?

IN your initial Subclass 457 visa application

When you are first applying for the 457 visa, you can include your partner as a secondary applicant. This is the best and most cost effective approach. As a secondary applicant your partner will pay less fees/charges. via

Do I need skill assessment for visa 457?

Skills assessments, registration and licensing Applicants entering Australia on the 457 visa do not have to undertake and successfully pass a skills assessment before being eligible for migration. via

What documents are needed for spouse visa?

Applicant document Checklist for a Partner visa

One of the following: a birth certificate showing the names of both parents: identification pages of a family book showing the names of both parents. identification pages of an identification document issued by the government. via

What documents are required for spouse visa in Australia?

The documents required for the Australia Spouse Visa applications are: Completely filled Application Form 47SP. The Sponsor in Australia must provide Form 40SP to the partner as a sponsor. Receipt of Visa application fee payment. via

How long is a 457 visa valid for?

Visa Renewal - Employers can specify how long they plan to employ the 457 visa holder for. The visa generally lasts for 2 years but can be granted for a maximum of 4 years in some cases. However, it is possible to apply for a further 457 visa if the employee is required for the nominated position for longer. via

How do I add a partner to my visa?

A partner can apply to be added to a 485 visa by lodging a subsequent entrant application. Couples must either be married, have registered a relationship or have been cohabiting for 12 months. It is not enough to be simply engaged. via

What replaced 457 visa?

From March 2018, the Australian Government introduced a new work visa in replacement of the 457 visa – the Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa. via

What is the minimum salary for 457 visa?

The Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) is a minimum salary requirement that employers must pay 457 visa workers in order to comply with their sponsorship obligations, and it's set at a minimum of $53 900 right across Australia. via

Can 457 visa change employer?

If you have a 457 approved it is possible to change employers, only after the following requirements have been met: The new employer must become an Approved Business Sponsor (Stage one of the 457 Process) (insert link) A Nomination application must be lodged for the same nominated Occupation as you currently hold. via

Why do spouse visas get rejected?

UK Spouse visa applications are commonly refused for the following reasons: The minimum financial requirements (i.e income of £18,600 per year or saving £62,500) are not met. Immigration officials believe your marriage is not genuine or subsisting. You have submitted incorrect documentation. via

Is bank statement required for spouse visa?

If you have been living together then you will be expected to show evidence of cohabitation, in the form of utility bills, bank statements, tenancy agreements in both parties' names, at the same address (either in single or joint names). You should provide evidence of how you keep in contact with each other. via

How much savings do you need for spouse visa?

The requirements that an applicant must meet in order to obtain a spouse visa are set out in of the Immigration Rules. These rules contain a minimum income requirement of at least £18,600 or a cash savings requirement of at least £62,500 (or a combination of both). via

Can I bring my wife to Australia?

If you are seeking to bring your wife to Australia on a genuine partner visa, you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen, and you must be approved as a sponsor. Other requirements including health and character criteria, also apply. via

Who are eligible for dependent visa?

Spouse or de facto partner. Any children under the age of 25. Aged dependent relatives such as parents or grandparents. via

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