Aboriginal Grants For Business


What am I entitled to as an Aboriginal?

Proof of Aboriginality

  • grants (such as Indigenous housing loans, research and study grants)
  • university courses (with specific positions for Indigenous students)
  • Centrelink and housing assistance (Indigenous-specific)
  • employment (Indigenous identified positions)
  • school programs for Indigenous students.
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    What constitutes an Indigenous business?

    Definition of an Indigenous business

    An Indigenous business is any business that is 50 per cent or more Indigenous owned. via

    How do I start an Indigenous business?

    Indigenous business owners can register their company as an Indigenous corporation through the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations. Indigenous corporations are eligible for additional benefits. You don't have to register as an Indigenous corporation. via

    Do aboriginal people get free money?

    In terms of the “free payment” – Indigenous Australians generally have access to the same or similar services and support for studying as other Australians. They do not receive “free payments” because they are Indigenous nor are they exempt from doing the work. via

    Can I self identify as Aboriginal?

    Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage is voluntary and very personal. You don't need paperwork to identify as an Aboriginal person. However, you may be asked to provide confirmation when applying for Aboriginal-specific jobs, services or programs (for example grants). via

    Can a DNA test prove Aboriginality?

    If you receive the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander region in your DNA results, this tells you that you probably had an ancestor who was an Indigenous Australian. It's possible, depending on how distant the Indigenous Australian ancestor is, that you share too little DNA with them for our DNA test to detect it. via

    What percentage of Aboriginal Do you need to claim?

    One Nation NSW has proposed to abolish self-identification and introduce a “new system” relying on DNA ancestry testing with a result requiring a finding of at least 25 per cent "Indigenous" before First Nations identification is accepted. via

    Do Aboriginal businesses pay tax?

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and Indigenous holding entities do not need to pay income tax or capital gains tax on native title payments or benefits. via

    What is an Aboriginal supplier?

    We actively encourage government agencies to buy from Aboriginal businesses. The NSW Government is making it easier for Aboriginal businesses to work with us. For contracts over $7.5 million, suppliers must consider opportunities for Aboriginal participation. via

    What is Supply nation certified?

    Supply Nation certifies Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses as being genuinely Indigenous by establishing that they are at least 51% owned, managed, and controlled by Indigenous Australians. via

    Why was the Indigenous business Australia created?

    IBA was created to assist and enhance the economic development opportunities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Australia. We're deeply invested in the financial success and economic independence of Indigenous Australians. via

    What is Indigenous procurement?

    Simply put, Indigenous procurement is the act of purchasing goods and/or services from an Indigenous-owned business. Created in 1996, the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB), assists Indigenous businesses to pursue federal procurement opportunities. via

    What government benefits do Aboriginal get?


  • Parenting Payment. The main income support payment while you're a young child's main carer.
  • JobSeeker Payment. Financial help if you're between 22 and Age Pension age and looking for work.
  • Disability Support Pension.
  • Carer Allowance.
  • Age Pension.
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    Why is indigenous offensive?

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people find the term offensive as it suggests that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia did not have a history before European invasion, because it is not written and recorded. It also denies a place for Aboriginal people in history. via

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