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The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assesses and helps identify the care needs of frail, older people and their carers. Our service is aimed at frail, older people or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over 50 years old. Please contact us if you are not in one of these groups but require home care packages or residential care. via

How do I request an ACAT assessment?

To arrange an ACAT assessment you need to contact the customer service centre of My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or fill out the online form. Alternatively, your social worker, doctor, or other health professionals can organise this for you on your behalf. via

What can I expect from an ACAT assessment?

If you are struggling to live at home without help, a member of an ACAT or ACAS team (typically a nurse or another healthcare professional) will come and visit you for a face-to-face home support assessment. They will talk to you about how you are coping, looking at factors such as: Your health – your medical history. via

How does an ACAT assessment work?

An ACAT assessment looks at a range of factors including:

your health and medical history. your physical requirements, such as how well you can get around and do everyday activities. your psychological needs, for example, how you are feeling and whether you have experienced depression or mental illness. via

Who is eligible for ACAT assessment?

Who can apply? You need to be 65 years or older (or 50 years or older for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people). All applications are made through the government portal, My Aged Care. via

How long is an ACAT assessment valid?

How long is an ACAT approval letter valid for? With the recent changes to the aged care system, unless the approval is for a specific period of time, your parent's assessment for Home Care Packages and permanent residential care will remain valid. Previously, it may have had a 12 month expiry. via

What is ACAT fee?

Account transfer fee, otherwise known as ACAT, is one of the brokerage's fees that investors should be aware of. The ACAT fee can be as high as $125. Account transfer fee is charged when an account transfer from one brokerage firm to another is initiated by an investor. via

What are the 3 domains of Acfi?

Three domains of residential care are subsidised by the ACFI: Activities of Daily Living Domain (ACFI Questions 1-5; Nutrition, Mobility, Personal Hygiene, Toileting and Continence) Ratings calculated from completing checklists in this domain determines the level of the subsidy. via

What does an ACAT team do?

ACATs are teams of medical, nursing and allied health professionals who assess the physical, psychological, medical, restorative, cultural and social needs of frail older people and help them and their carers to access appropriate levels of support. via

Can ACAT assessment be done in hospital?

An ACAT Assessment can be arranged by either referral or by contacting My Aged Care. If you are in hospital or rehab an ACAT Assessment can be expedited by the hospital team caring for you or your loved one, so it is best to ask for the assessment whilst still under their care. via

What are the four levels of home care packages?

There are four levels of Home Care Packages:

  • Level 1 supports people with basic care needs.
  • Level 2 supports people with low level care needs.
  • Level 3 supports people with intermediate care needs.
  • Level 4 supports people with high level care needs.
  • via

    What is the ACAT test?

    ACAT assesses content knowledge and retention by students at the completion of their major field of study. ACAT can be used to assess the effectiveness of vertical integration of content knowledge and disciplinary skills across courses taken to complete a major field of study. via

    What are the ACAT levels?

  • Structure of Stage 1.
  • Level 1: basic care needs.
  • Level 2: low-level care needs.
  • Level 3: intermediate care needs.
  • Level 4: high-level care needs.
  • via

    What is the ACAT process?

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    What does ACAT mean in finance?

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    What is the maximum means tested fee for aged care?

    Any income-tested care fee you pay while in home care will also be counted towards the annual and lifetime caps if you move into an aged care home. Currently the maximum amount of income-tested care fee and means-tested care fee you pay in your lifetime is $68,012.98. via

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