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What do you need to work from home for Apple?

Your home.

But if it sounds casual, make no mistake — this is a professional role. You'll need a quiet, distraction-free work space with a door you can shut, an ergonomic chair, a desk for the iMac (and headset) we'll provide, and your own network connection. via

Does Apple have office in Australia?

Apple Australia Headquarters Info

You can find the corporate office address and Apple Australia headquarters in PO Box A2629 Sydney South NSW 1235 133-511. via

Can you work from home for Apple?

The At Home Advisor position is part of Apple Support, the group that provides customer service, troubleshooting, and technical support to Apple customers by phone, chat, or email. This job gives you an opportunity to be part of this team while you work from home. via

Is getting a job at Apple hard?

In fact, securing a full-time position is often described as impossible, because Apple has so many strict and rigorous requirements you must meet to become a full-time associate. That being said, getting a job at Apple is not impossible. via

What qualifications do you need to work at Apple?

Tech savvy with people skills

Hiring requirements historically center on experience using computers and electronics and personal interests in the products sold in store. Other qualifications include meeting the minimum hiring age of 18 and holding high school diplomas or equivalents. via

Do Apple employees get free iphones?

Employees love the discounts they get on Apple products.

Any iPhone or MacBook Air owner knows how expensive Apple products can be, which is why Apple employees love their discounts. Several Apple current and former Apple employees cited discounts as one of their favorite perks when working for Apple. via

Is it worth to work at Apple?

Like all the other big tech companies, you'll be very well compensated if you work for Apple. But according to some ex-employees, you may also have to sacrifice a good work/life balance for a company that demands near-perfection. via

How do I get hired at Apple?

  • Smile and be friendly to everyone.
  • Demonstrate passion.
  • Don't worry about not knowing much about Apple products.
  • Speak up and demonstrate confidence.
  • Interact with the group and ask for help.
  • Show a commitment to the customer.
  • Talk with humility about your success in a previous job.
  • via

    Do you need a degree to work at Apple?

    Apple CEO Tim Cook even said in 2019 that about half of Apple's US employment last year was made up of people who did not have a four-year degree. Google, Apple, and IBM are among the companies that don't require a college degree for certain positions, according to Glassdoor. via

    What are Apple employees called?

    The Genius Training Student Workbook is Apple's employee training manual for Apple Store tech-support employees, called Geniuses. via

    How much do Apple employees get paid?

    How much do people at Apple get paid? See the latest salaries by department and job title. The average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at Apple is $143,362, or $68 per hour, while the estimated median salary is $159,682, or $76 per hour. via

    Where is Apple's head office?

    Apple via

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