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Can I apply for a Chinese visa online?

The Consulate-General kindly requests all visa applicants to fill in and print the online application form (, and submit passports and other required documents to the Sydney Chinese Visa Application Service Center with the printed complete application form and signed Confirmation of via

Can I get a Chinese visa now?

Visa for China. At present, the order of Temporary Suspension of Entry by Foreign Nationals Holding Valid Chinese Visas or Residence Permits is still in effect. Foreign nationals are advised not to travel unless it is necessary or urgent during Covid-19 pandemic. via

How do I obtain a visa for China?

To apply for a China visa, you need to complete an application form attached with your recently-taken color photo, prepare a valid passport, and submit them along with other supporting documents to the Chinese embassy or consulate which is in charge of your residence area. via

What documents are needed to apply for Chinese visa?

Tourist Application Requirements for a China Visa

  • Passport. You must provide your actual signed passport, including one copy of the personal information page of your passport.
  • Photographs.
  • Letter of Invitation.
  • Proof of State Residency.
  • VisaCentral Order Form.
  • Travel Record.
  • Health Declaration.
  • Authorization Letter.
  • via

    Can you get a Chinese visa in one day?

    Rush Service: 1 working day, can be picked up on the same day or next working day. US passport holders can obtain the Same Day China Visa in the afternoon, if you submit application to visa section of Chinese Embassy or Consulate before 12:00pm and get approved successfully. via

    How much does a China visa cost?

    China visa fees vary enormously according to your nationality, the number of entries required, the country you are applying in, and whether you want an express service. Generally the cost is $140 for an American citizen, and for citizens of other countries, the fee ranges from $30 to $90. via

    Is it hard to get a visa to China?

    1: China. Chinese Embassies are getting increasingly strict when it comes to visa applications. If you're planning to stay for 30 days or less, they'll generally issue your visa without any problems. via

    Are foreigners allowed in China?

    China currently allows foreign nationals with valid residence permits and visas to enter the country under certain very limited conditions. via

    How fast can you get a Chinese visa?

    On a general note, a Chinese visa will take 6-8 business days if you choose the standard processing time. The duration to get your Chinese visa can be as fast as 3 days if you choose a rush service, or with express service it could take between 4 to 5 business days. via

    Do you need appointment for Chinese visa?

    Application via a booked appointment is compulsory. Except humanitarian visa, the Visa Centre can't accept any application without an appointment. The appointment contact information must be same as tha applicant or one of the applicant's personal information if applying together. via

    How long can I stay in China without a visa?

    The government of the People's Republic of China allows holders of ordinary passports issued by some countries to travel to Mainland China for tourism or business purposes for up to 15, 30, 60 or 90 days without having to obtain a visa. via

    How do I apply for a 10 year Chinese visa?

  • Download the visa application form and fill it in. One thing to note: when you fill out your visa application, just tick the box that shows “10-Year Visa”.
  • Submit your documents (listed below).
  • Pay the visa application fee and collect your visa. Read more information about how to apply for a China visa.
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    Can I go to Chinese Embassy for visa?

    You may apply for a visa at a Chinese Embassy or Consulate General based on your State of residence. You need to complete and sign the visa form and prepare necessary supporting documents and have your friend or a visa service help submit your application. via

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