Australian Superannuation Phone Number


What is Australian super fund phone?

call 1300 300 273 (8am – 8pm AEST/AEDT weekdays) / +61 3 9067 2108 (8.30am – 5pm AEST/AEDT weekdays), or. write to us at GPO Box 1901 Melbourne VIC 3001. via

How do I contact Super?

Refer to the Super homepage. Phone us on 13 10 20 (8.00am and 6.00pm local time – Monday to Friday, except public holidays). via

How do I check my Australian super balance?

You can see your super balance on your annual statement but you might also like to check in and see how it's performing by logging in your super account online or on your mobile if your fund offers an app. via

What is superannuation number?

Superannuation Fund Numbers (SFNs) – these were identification numbers issued by APRA. Each APRA regulated superannuation fund will have an SFN. This number is an identifier granted by APRA in order to identify superannuation entities which are regulated by APRA. via

How much do I need in my super?

ASFA estimates that the lump sum needed at retirement to support a comfortable lifestyle is $640,000 for a couple and $545,000 for a single person. This assumes a partial Age Pension. via

Who do I speak to about superannuation?

If you want to know more about super, visit or phone us on 13 10 20. If you do not speak English well and want to talk to a tax officer, phone the Translating and Interpreting Service on 13 14 50 for help with your call. via

Who do I talk to about my super?

The ATO will then investigate the situation. The ATO's web tool can also be used if your employer has paid your super late or paid your super into the incorrect super fund. You can also contact the ATO's helpline on 13 10 20 for complaints about your employer failing to pay super contributions on your behalf. via

How much super do I need to retire at 60?

ASFA estimates people who want a comfortable retirement need $640,000 for a couple, and $545,000 for a single person when they leave work, assuming they also receive a partial age pension from the federal government. For people who are happy to have a modest lifestyle, this figure is $70,000. via

How do I put money in my Australian super?

Ready to add to your super? The easiest way to make after-tax contributions is through direct debit or BPAY. Click the button below, to log into your account and set up your direct debit or locate your BPAY details. via

How do I get my super back from the ATO?

You can apply for withdrawal of your ATO-held super using a paper claim form. You may be required to provide documentation to support your application. Next step: Application for payment of ATO-held superannuation money – download the paper claim form. via

How do I put money into my super?

You can add to your super by entering into a salary sacrifice arrangement with your employer, making personal super contributions, transferring super from foreign super funds or you may be eligible for government contributions. There are limits on how much you can contribute to your super each year. via

How can I know my superannuation number?

  • Create a myGov account at, then link the ATO to your account.
  • If you already have a myGov account, just log in and click on the ATO section.
  • Go to the 'Super' tab. In this section, you can:
  • via

    How do I find my superannuation USI number?

    How do I find my super fund's USI? The USI can often be found on your annual super statement or super fund's website. It is typically provided in the super funds' Letter of Compliance or in its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). A super fund may have only one USI or it may have a USI for each super product. via

    Where do I find my superannuation fund number?

    You can find your member number in your welcome pack, annual statement and most letters. via

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