Bank Of Melbourne Customer Service Number


How do I contact Bank of Melbourne?

  • 13 33 22. To call from overseas dial +61 3 8536 7870.
  • 13 33 22. To call from overseas dial +61 3 8536 7870. Want to register? Call 13 22 66 24 hours, 7 days.
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    How do I find my customer access number Bank of Melbourne?

  • Step 1: Sign into Mobile Banking.
  • Step 2: Tap the three dots in the top left hand corner.
  • Step 3: Your Customer Access Number will be displayed above your last login details.
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    Can I email Bank of Melbourne?

    Please Note: we cannot reply via email with any information relating to your personal banking. For immediate assistance, call our Call Centre on 13 22 66, 24 hours a day 7 days a week (+61 3 9982 4153 if calling internationally), or visit a local branch. via

    Is Bank of Melbourne and St George Bank the same?

    Bank of Melbourne will exist solely for the people and businesses of Victoria, so all interstate St. George branches will remain as St. George. via

    Where is Bank of Melbourne head office?

    Bank of Melbourne via

    What is the customer access number?

    Your Customer Access Number (CAN) is the number you were given when you first registered to use online services with Centrelink and the Family Assistance Office. via

    What is my Bank of Melbourne Security number?

    Simply dial +61 3 8536 7870 and you'll be on your way. If I forget my security number what do I do? Don't panic! If you forget your security number simply call 13 22 66, 24 hours, 7 days. via

    How do I activate my Bank of Melbourne card?

  • Sign in to Internet Banking using your card/access number, security number and password.
  • Select Manage my accounts.
  • Select Activate new card.
  • Enter the card number and then select Continue.
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    What is swift code for Bank of Melbourne?

    Bank name: Bank of Melbourne. SWIFT/BIC code: SGBLAU2S. via

    What banks Support OSKO?

    Which banks are using Osko? The Big Four – NAB, CommBank, ANZ and Westpac – are all using NPP and Osko, as are Citigroup, HSBC Bank Australia and Bendigo. In total, 60 banks have signed up to use the service, although some have yet to roll out. Find out if your bank is PayID and Osko–enabled yet. via

    How do you switch banks?

  • Pick the bank you want to switch to.
  • Make a list of all your automatic bill payments and direct deposits from your current bank.
  • Open your new bank account.
  • Update your automatic payments.
  • Close your old bank account.
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    Which bank owns Bank of Melbourne?

    Westpac has owned Bank of Melbourne, and the rights to the brand, since its acquisition of the bank in 1997. via

    Is St George and Westpac the same?

    On 1 December 2008 St. George became part of the Westpac Group, contributing almost 30% of the merged entity and creating Australia's leading financial services organisation with an 'AA' credit rating. via

    Can Bank of Melbourne customers use Westpac ATMs?

    As a customer, you can withdraw cash or view account balances at any Bank of Melbourne, St. George, BankSA or Westpac ATM free of the ATM operator fee. via

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