Bushfire Information Line


How do I contact RFS?

  • Current Major Incident activity*
  • Current Total Fire Bans*
  • Advice on protecting your property and other fire related safety information.
  • Building Development.
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    How do I report a fire in NSW?

  • Call the NSW RFS on 1800 NSW RFS (1800 679 737)
  • Report a bush fire hazard [external link]
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    What is a bushfire advice?

    Advice - A fire has started. There is no immediate danger. Stay up to date in case the situation changes. via

    How do you report fire?

    If you discover a fire – CALL 911 immediately. If you are in a building and discover smoke or fire within the building, ACTIVATE the building fire alarm system by pulling a manual fire alarm station to warn the occupants. The fire alarm manual pull stations are located near exit doors on each floor. via

    What to do if there is a fire near you?

  • Listen to emergency officials. If they say evacuate, leave your home immediately.
  • If you see a fire, report it.
  • Shut off the gas.
  • Check your vents.
  • Make your home easier to spot.
  • Take the “kindling” away.
  • Make it easy for firefighters.
  • Wet down your space.
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    Who should you contact incase of a bushfire?

    More bushfire information

    For more bushfire updates, call the bushfire information line on 1800 679 737 or check the NSW Rural Fire Service: major fire updates. current fires and incidents. NSW fire areas. via

    Do I need a fire permit in NSW?

    A Fire Permit is required for burning activities during the Bush Fire Danger Period in Rural Fire districts and at all times in Fire and Rescue districts around the state. Fire Permits help ensure fire is used safely and minimise the danger to you, your property and the community. via

    How do I report a fire in Qld?

    The Triple Zero (000) service is the quickest way to get the right emergency service to help you. You can contact Police, Fire or Ambulance in life threatening or emergency situations. For non-life threatening emergency help during or after a flood or storm, phone: 132 500. via

    What is a bushfire emergency warning?

    Bushfire Emergency Warning Messages (EWM) are issued when people or properties are in immediate danger from a bushfire. Bushfire Advice - Reduced Threat Message. Reduced Threat Messages are issued when the threat to the community has lessened. via

    How do I prepare my house for a bushfire?

  • Restore misplaced roof tiles.
  • Regularly check and update your fire safety equipment.
  • Install non-combustible fencing.
  • Clean gutters of leaves and twigs.
  • Check your home and contents insurance.
  • Keep your garden in check.
  • Prepare your emergency plan.
  • Home maintenance updates.
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    How can we prevent bushfires?

    You can remove native vegetation around homes, strategically reduce fuel across the landscape, and construct fuel breaks and fire access tracks, as part of your overall preparedness. You can also discuss with your CFS Regional Staff how to manage bushfire risks while minimising the affects on native plants and animals. via

    Why is Sydney so Smokey?

    Smoky Sydney

    A poor air quality alert has been issued for Sydney, where smoke from hazard reduction burns is covering parts of the city. Air quality has already dropped from 'good' to 'fair' in areas including Parramatta, Penrith, Richmond, Bargo, Oakdale, Camden, Liverpool and Campbelltown west. via

    Can I use a gas BBQ during a total fire ban NSW?

    Gas and electric barbecues

    On a day of a total fire ban, you can use a gas or electric barbecue outside, as long as: An adult supervises it. There is no flammable material within 5 metres. You have either a hose connected to a water supply or a container with at least 10 litres of water for immediate use. via

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