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How do I complain to Chemist Warehouse?

If you wish to complain to Chemist Warehouse, call the complaints line on 1300 367 283. via

How do I contact Chemist Warehouse?

Please call 1300 367 283 and speak with our Customer Service Officers. via

Who is the CEO of Chemist Warehouse?

Sam Gance - CEO - My Chemist Warehouse Group | LinkedIn. via

Is Chemist Warehouse perfume fake?

They are not genuine fragrances,” Ms Morrison claimed. Not according to Sally Desancic, health and beauty development manager for Chemist Warehouse, a 30-year perfume industry veteran. “We do not deal in the grey market,” Ms Desancic said emphatically. “Our main business is not fragrance, it is pharmacy. via

Is Chemist Warehouse actually cheaper?

Like Uber and Airbnb, Chemist Warehouse is a business disrupter. It has slashed prices - hay fever tablets are now often less than half the price of other chemists, for instance, and prescription medications are often significantly cheaper than the competition. via

Who owns the Chemist Warehouse?

Chemist Warehouse is owned by My Chemist Retail Group and was founded by the Gance and Verrocchi families. It controls more than 300 pharmacies and has a complex ownership model enabling the business to work around the restrictive ownership rules. via

What is Chemist Warehouse slogan?

First brand campaign for Chemist Warehouse keeps it real with 'Our House' jingle by Madness. via

Is Chemist Warehouse owned by Chinese?

Australia's largest pharmacy chain, the privately owned Chemist Warehouse, is planning to step up its business in China, opening its first store in China later this month to capitalise on its growing access to the Chinese consumer market. via

Is Chemist Warehouse a franchise?

Since the pharmacy franchise was founded 20 years ago, Chemist Warehouse (famous for bargains as bold as its colour scheme) has come a long way, with more than 350 stores now spread across the country. Along with changing how we shop, the ever-expanding franchise has shaken up the commercial property market. via

Who owns amcal?

Amcal via

Is My Chemist and Chemist Warehouse the same?

The Chemist Warehouse brand is part of the My Chemist Retail Group. Today, the Chemist Warehouse brand has over 300 stores across Australia, employing more than ten thousand employees! We are proud to say, we are one of Australia's Leading Retail Pharmacy Groups and still growing! via

How does Chemist Warehouse work?

Chemist Warehouse is also a leading proponent of that peculiar retail phenomenon: the price match. “If you find a cheaper price on the same item … we will match it and give you 10 per cent off the difference,” they say. Price matching provides us, the consumer, with great confidence. via

Who owns Blooms chemist?

Emmanuel Vavoulas - Pharmacy Owner - Blooms The Chemist | LinkedIn. via

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