Coles Pensioner Discounts

To show respect to elders, Coles offers a 15% off discount to those who age more than 55. So if you are one of them, you can get your bill lower with in a few steps. Here are some guidances for you. Then enter your ID to verify your age for this offer. via

Do pensioners get a discount at Coles?

Some days, it is great to be a senior citizen. Just present these at any Coles checkout register to receive storewide discount. This promo does not apply to purchases of tobacco, cigarettes, gift cards, iTunes cards, and mobile phone recharges. via

Does Coles and Woolworths give seniors discount?

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Minister for Ageing Tanya Davis announced NSW Seniors Card holders would be eligible for a range of discounts under the new scheme, including a 5 per cent discount on Woolworths WISH eGift cards, and savings on supermarket home deliveries, insurance and mobile phone products. via

Does Woolworths give pensioner discounts?

New South Wales Seniors Card holders are eligible for five per cent off Woolworths WISH eGift cards. NSW seniors could save on average $200 a year on groceries by using Woolworths WISH eGift cards bought on the Seniors Card website. via

Does Woolworths in Qld give seniors discount?

Grocery and household items

Aussie seniors will now be eligible for a 5% discount at Woolworths and its associated retailers such as BIG W, Dan Murphy's and BWS. via

What can pensioners get for free?

  • Extra pension payments.
  • Money off your council tax.
  • Help towards hospital travel costs.
  • Free Strictly Come Dancing.
  • Lost pensions or bank accounts.
  • Free eye tests.
  • Free travel.
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    What are pensioners entitled to in Australia?

    If you get Age Pension, there are other payments you may be eligible for.

  • Advance payment. You may be able to get part of your Age Pension as an advance payment.
  • Carer Allowance.
  • Essential Medical Equipment Payment.
  • Energy Supplement.
  • Pension Loans Scheme.
  • Pension Supplement.
  • Remote Area Allowance.
  • Rent Assistance.
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    Do seniors get free delivery with Woolworths?

    Woolworths Delivery Unlimited

    Plus, as a Senior, enjoy 10% off* your plan. Benefits include: Free delivery on orders (Next Day and 3hr Same Day windows) over $100. Dedicated Priority Customer Care line for subscribers only. via

    What day is Seniors Day at Kmart?

    We offer a Pensioner Discount Day on the first Wednesday of every month. via

    How much does Woolworths delivery cost for seniors?

    Delivery Unlimited Free trial offer

    #Monthly price calculated based on annual seniors subscription of $107. Subscription fees apply after 30 days and will be automatically applied unless cancelled. Prices of subscriptions vary depending on the plan selected. Cancel online anytime. via

    Where can seniors get discounts?

    What discounts can you get with a NSW Seniors or Seniors Saver Card?

  • Over 7,400 participating businesses.
  • Monthly e-newsletter.
  • Downloadable regional discount directories.
  • Printed regional discount directories available from Australia Post outlets, Service NSW Centres, MP offices and participating Councils and libraries.
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    What day is pensioners day at Checkers?

    Get the all-clear this Pensioners Day with a FREE wellness screening at Checkers #Medirite Pharmacies. Speak to one of our friendly pharmacists to book your appointment on Wednesday, 11 March 2020. Pensioners only. via

    Who is eligible for a Commonwealth Health Care Card?

    You can get the CSHC if you are an Australian resident who is either: a veteran aged 60 years or over with qualifying service. the partner or widowed partner of a veteran with qualifying service who has reached age pension age. via

    Do pensioners get a discount on car Rego in QLD?

    Concessions of up to $710 are available for eligible pensioners, and discounts of 50 per cent will be available for car registration and public transport fares. via

    What discounts do pensioners get in Qld?

    Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care Card

  • Concession fares on public transport and long-distance rail services.
  • Concessions on motor vehicle and recreational boat registration.
  • Electricity and reticulated gas rebates.
  • Free prescription spectacles.
  • Free dental care.
  • via

    Does Kmart give senior citizen discounts?

    Kmart – At all Kmart stores across Australia, On the first Wednesday of every month Kmart stores give pensioners a 5% discount on all items store wide (excludes cigarettes, sale items, gift vouchers and the auto shop). You will only get this discount if you ask at the checkout and show your government pension card. via

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