Commonwealth Bank Customer Service Phone Number


How do I request a call back from Commonwealth Bank?

  • Log on to the CommBank app and tap the menu in the top-left corner.
  • Tap 'Contact us'
  • Choose what you'd like to call us about.
  • See the wait time and whether you can find the answer online.
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    What are Bank support services?

    Description: A program that prepares individuals to perform a wide variety of customer services in banks, insurance agencies, savings and loan companies, and related enterprises. via

    What services does Commonwealth Bank offer?

    Whatever your needs, we have accounts and services that can help you bank the way you want.

  • Everyday accounts.
  • Savings accounts & Term Deposits.
  • Credit cards.
  • Personal loans.
  • Personal overdrafts.
  • Buy now, pay later.
  • International payments.
  • Premier & Private.
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    How do I contact Commonwealth Bank from overseas?

    Call us 24/7 on +61 2 9999 3283 from overseas. When calling from overseas using your mobile, standard roaming charges may apply. via

    Does Commonwealth Bank have online chat?

    Chat to Ceba

    Meet Ceba – your 24/7 virtual assistant who can answer your questions and help you do your day-to-day banking online. via

    How do I prove my balance Commonwealth Bank?

  • Log on to the CommBank app.
  • Tap Accounts.
  • Scroll to the right account.
  • See available funds and account balance.
  • Tap on the account to see more detail about each transaction.
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    Which bank is best for business account?

    The best business bank based on relationship and account management

  • Clydesdale Bank (56 per cent)
  • Allied Irish Bank (56 per cent)
  • Yorkshire Bank (55 per cent)
  • Lloyds Bank (55 per cent)
  • TSB (53 per cent)
  • HSBC UK (50 per cent)
  • The Co-operative Bank (50 per cent)
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (48 per cent)
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    What is small business banking?

    Business banking is also called commercial or corporate banking. Banks provide financial and advisory services to small and medium businesses as well as larger corporations. These services include deposit accounts and non-interest-bearing products, real estate loans, commercial loans, and credit card services. via

    Which are the financial services?

    These financial services are explained below:

  • Banking. The banking industry is the backbone of India's financial services industry.
  • Professional Advisory.
  • Wealth Management.
  • Mutual Funds.
  • Insurance.
  • Stock Market.
  • Treasury/Debt Instruments.
  • Tax/Audit Consulting.
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    Why is Commonwealth Bank the best?

    Funding: CBA is 70% funded by customer deposits, which are typically more stable and less expensive. The balance is funded by capital and more expensive/more volatile wholesale debt. ANZ is only 52% funded by customer deposits, NAB is 57% and Westpac is 63%; via

    Can you open a Commonwealth account online?

    Open a Smart Access account online up to 3 months before you arrive in Australia. If you're an international student, you won't pay any monthly account fees. via

    What do you know about CBA?

    A collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is the agreement reached between the employer and the labor union that will govern the employment for the employee-members of that labor union. Importantly, the agreement is between the union and the employer, not between the employer and its individual employees. via

    How do I contact Commonwealth bank?

    Commonwealth Bank via

    Can I access my bank account from overseas?

    So in order to access your bank account abroad, you will have to sign up for a VPN service. With some assistance from a good VPN service, you will have all the access that you need to draw or deposit money from and to your account respectively. via

    How do I contact Comminsure?

    Alternatively, call us on 13 2423. via

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