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How do I cancel my Dell order Australia?

Once your order has been submitted it is not possible to cancel the order. However, after you receive delivery of your order, you still have the option to contact Dell customer Service to receive a Credit Return Authorisation Number and return it to Dell within 15 days of the invoice date. via

How do I file a complaint against Dell?

  • Home & home office: 1-888-676-1302.
  • Purchase or upgrade, accessories, or replacement parts: 1-800-357-3355.
  • Member purchase program: 1-877-706-1725.
  • Extend or update your home warranty for PCs & tablets: 1-800-348-6147.
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    How do I open a Dell support ticket?

  • Identify your Dell product:
  • From the drop-down list, select the symptom or component corresponding to the issue.
  • Click Create Service Request.
  • Enter the details in the following fields of the form and click Submit.
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    How do I log into Dell warranty call?

  • 0860 102 575.
  • 27 860 102 577.
  • 27 860 102 577.
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    How good is Dell customer service?

    Overall, the live support was great. If live chat isn't your thing, you can reach out to Dell on social media. It then told me I was out of warranty and couldn't help, but sent links for warranty support and call support. After I reupped the warranty, there was no response. via

    Does Dell offer free tech support?

    Telephone Technical Support

    This telephone support is a fast and efficient way for Dell to assess a problem and determine with each customer the best and fastest way to resolve this problem. This telephone support will always be provided free of charge. via

    What is my Dell customer number?

    You can find this information in your order confirmation e-mail. a) Go to // b) Click My Account, and then sign in with your e-mail address and password. c) In the My Account Settings section, click Customer Numbers . via

    Can you get a refund from Dell?

    It's easy, with no minimum purchase required. And if you decide something isn't for you, just ship it back within 30 days of your invoice date for a full refund, including free return shipping. Dell will even waive the restocking fee. * Software not eligible for return. via

    Can I cancel a Dell order?

    Before Production/Packaging: It may be possible to cancel your order before the production and packaging process starts. Check your Online Order Support for the current status of your order and if you see “Request Cancellation” option under the “Action Menu”, you may submit the cancellation request. via

    Where does Dell ship from in Australia?

    GOODS BY DELIVERY ONLY: Dell Australia Pty Limited (ABN 46 003 855 561) is located at Unit 3, 14 Aquatic Drive Frenchs Forest NSW 2086. via

    Where do I go to file a complaint?

  • Go to the company website.
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau.
  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
  • Check out the Ripoff Report.
  • Email [email protected]
  • Try Yelp.
  • Post on Planet Feedback.
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    Who is CEO of Dell?

    Dell via

    How do I check my Dell dispatch status?

    Enter a Service Request Number, Dell Service Tag, Dell EMC Product ID, or Dispatch Number (DPS) to check Dispatch or Repair Status. Enter the email that was used to create request #. via

    How do I track my Dell repair?

    You can also browse to the Repair (Depot) Center status tool, or create a new Service Request.) (By providing your Service Tag or Express Service Code, Dispatch/Reference Number and the email address that was used to create the request, you can determine the status of your repair.) via

    How do I find my Dell service tag?

  • Type cmd in the Windows search bar at the bottom-left of the screen, then select Command Prompt from the list of results.
  • In the Command Prompt window, type wmic bios get serialnumber and press Enter.
  • The Service Tag (Serial Number) appears as shown in the image below.
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    Does Dell have a service desk?

    The ProManage IT service desk provides employees a modern IT service experience with several ways to access the IT assistance they need, including an extensive knowledge base as well as live service experts available 24x7 via chat or by phone. via

    How much does Dell support cost?

    SupportAssist is free to all customers to help them with diagnosing their computers, and those that want to move up to the Premium Support model can do that starting at $39 per year. It is currently available in the USA and Canada on Dell Inspiron, Alienware, Venue, and Chromebook products. via

    Which is the best Dell laptop?

  • Dell XPS 13. The best Dell laptop for most people.
  • Dell XPS 15. The best premium Dell laptop.
  • Dell Inspiron 15 3000. The best budget Dell laptop.
  • Dell Precision 5750 Mobile Workstation. The best Dell laptop for business users.
  • Dell G5 15.
  • Dell G7 17.
  • Dell Latitude 9510.
  • Dell XPS 13 2-in-1.
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    Which laptop has best customer service?

    In short, it's time for Apple to make a few tweaks.

  • Razer (90/100) Web support:
  • Apple (85/100) Web support:
  • Alienware (77/100) Web support: Link.
  • Microsoft (74/100)
  • Google (71/100)
  • Samsung (71/100)
  • Lenovo (70/100)
  • Dell (68/100)
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    How does Dell warranty work?

    Basic Warranty Service

    If your system encounters an issue covered by Dell's Limited Hardware Warranty* and that issue cannot be resolved remotely, this service offers a Mail-In Repair Service (customer provides box and Dell pays shipping) for defects in materials and workmanship in your PC. via

    What does Dell ProSupport cover?

    The Dell ProSupport warranty covers one Dell computer for a period of three years in the event an issue happens with the system. ProSupport provides 24 x 7 priority access to an expert and onsite parts and labor service when the problem can't be resolved remotely. via

    How long does it take to get Dell refund?

    Refund Policy

    If the Product delivery takes more time than promised, then the customer can cancel the order and the full amount will be refunded to customer within 14 working days. Dellstore do not take any responsibility of a delay in refund due to the delays made by bank, calamities or national holidays. via

    How much is Dell restocking fee?

    Restocking Fees: Unless the product is defective or the return is a direct result of a Dell error, Dell may charge a restocking fee of 15% of the purchase price paid less shipping and handling, plus any applicable sales tax, which would be applied through a total reduced refund or credit. via

    How long do refunds take Dell?

    It can take 30 days for the refund to hit the bank. They mention that when you get the RMA. If it's longer than 30 days, you need to call them. I sent my XPS 13 7th gen back to Dell. via

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