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Do pensioners get a fuel card?

Eligible NSW seniors are paying for fuel with a new travel card available from the NSW Government. The prepaid Visa card provides seniors with $250 to ease the burden of travel costs and assist them in getting to and from essential services. Seniors are using their regional seniors travel card to pay for: fuel. via

What discounts do pensioners get?

For example, in NSW PCC holders can receive a $215 rebate on their yearly electricity bills (and a further $35 if they are in receipt of Family Tax Benefit). NSW PCC holders are also exempt from RTA fees for licences, driving tests, registration, and the motor vehicle tax. via

How much can I earn to get a pension card?

You can earn up to $174 a fortnight (or $308 as a couple) without any reduction to your payment. If you earn more than this, your pension will be reduced by 50c for each extra dollar you earn. via

Do all old age pensioners get fuel allowance?

You may qualify for a Fuel Allowance if you are getting one of the following schemes: State Pension (Contributory) or State Pension (Non-Contributory) Widow's, Widower's or Surviving Civil Partner's (Contributory) Pension or Widow's, Widower's or Surviving Civil Partner's (Non-Contributory) Pension. via

What benefits do Aged pensioners get?

If you get Age Pension, there are other payments you may be eligible for.

  • Advance payment. You may be able to get part of your Age Pension as an advance payment.
  • Carer Allowance.
  • Essential Medical Equipment Payment.
  • Energy Supplement.
  • Pension Loans Scheme.
  • Pension Supplement.
  • Remote Area Allowance.
  • Rent Assistance.
  • via

    Do fuel cards save money?

    Buying cheaper petrol and diesel is the central strategy to saving your business money through fuel cards. By driving down the average cost per litre by a few pence can save thousands of pounds in the course of a year. Fuel cards facilitate a number of actions to help this happen. via

    Are fuel cards a good idea?

    Fuel cards are a good idea if you are a business owner looking for ways of managing your fleet costs more efficiently. They offer five key benefits. Many fuel cards allow you to buy diesel and petrol with discounts off the pump price or other pricing structures that help you save money. via

    Is fuel cheaper with a fuel card?

    Discounted fuel

    The biggest benefit of having a company fuel card are the savings that your business gets at the pumps when filling up. Many fuel card providers will notify you a week in advance about the fixed national cost per litre of fuel. For motorway prices this will be even more, often around 10p cheaper. via

    Do pensioners get a discount with Telstra?

    3.10 We give eligible pensioners a $10/month discount off monthly access charges for one Basic Telephone Service with Telstra Ultimate Voice. In addition to the minimum discount, we give an additional discount based on your spend on eligible calls, up to the total maximum discount as set out in the table below. via

    How much money can you have and still get the pension in Australia?

    Assets Test

    A single homeowner can have up to $588,250 of assessable assets and receive a part pension – for a single non-homeowner the lower threshold is $804,750. For a couple, the higher threshold to $884,000 for a homeowner and $1,100,500 for a non-homeowner. via

    Do seniors get a discount at Woolworths?

    New South Wales

    One of the latest deals to be offered is with supermarket giant Woolworths, which offers Seniors Cardholders a number of discounts, including 5 per cent off the price of Woolies' WISH gift cards. Other offers include, but are not limited to: 10 per cent off pre-booked journeys with Towncars. via

    How much money do you need to be a self funded retiree?

    The superannuation industry says single people who own their own home and are in relatively good health need $454,000 in savings (and couples $640,000) to achieve a comfortable retirement. A lump sum in this vicinity would allow for annual spending of $42,953 for singles and $60,604 for couples. via

    What assistance is available for self funded retirees?

    The concessions and discounts that may be available include:

    Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme discounts. Cheaper out-of-hospital medical expenses. Concessional rail travel. Extra health, household and transport discounts. via

    Do self funded retirees get a Health Care Card?

    Introduction. The Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC) was introduced in 1994 to offer self-funded retirees access to the same Commonwealth health benefits as pensioners. The health benefits offered by the CSHC are: Access to a lower Medicare Safety Net - more help with costs sooner. via

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