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Who do you call for problems at work?

If none of these courses of action are appropriate or successful, you can contact us for assistance on 13 10 50 or by email to [email protected] You can also report unsafe work online using Speak Up. Report unsafe work via Speak Up. It's quick, easy to use and confidential. via

How do I complain about being underpaid?

Go to www.lawaccess.nsw.gov.au/ or call 1300 888 529. via

How do I lodge a complaint to fair work?

If your complaint is about pay, conditions or workplace rights under Commonwealth legislation, enterprise agreements or modern awards, you should contact the Fair Work Ombudsman's Infoline on 13 13 94. via

Who do I call if I dont get paid?

You can file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division, and include information regarding your job title, pay, hours, and additional information from pay stubs and other payment information. You can also pursue your case at a state level, with state labor and employment division resources. via

Who do I contact about unfair treatment at work?

A job discrimination complaint may be filed by mail or in person at the nearest EEOC office. You can find the closest EEOC office by calling the EEOC at 1-800-669-4000, or by going to the EEOC's Field Office List and Jurisdiction Map and selecting the office closest to you. via

Can I complain about HR?

Writing to your employer

If talking doesn't solve the problem, you can send an informal letter or email to your line manager, a more senior manager or your HR department. If you don't think this will work, you can go straight to a formal grievance. via

Where should I complain about my employer?

IndianMoney.com complaints portal Iamcheated.com can help you resolve the issue. Just visit Iamcheated.com and lodge your complaint. If you want to post a review on any company you can post it on Indianmoney.com review and complaint portal IamCheated.com. via

Where can I complain about my employer in Australia?

What can the Australian Human Rights Commission do?

  • Phone: 1300 656 419 (local call) or 02 9284 9888.
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • TTY: 1800 620 241 (toll free)
  • Fax: 02 9284 9611.
  • via

    Can I sue my employer for underpaying me?

    Yes, you can sue for being underpaid. If this first attempt at getting your money does not work, you can consider suing your employer in small claims court or your local court. via

    What should you do in case of unfair dismissal?

    If you feel you have been unfairly dismissed by your employer, you should try appealing under your employer's dismissal or disciplinary procedures. If this does not work, then you may be able to make an appeal to an Industrial Tribunal. via

    Can you sue a company for unfair treatment?

    Employees who are discriminated against can file a lawsuit against their employers for unlawful discrimination. You have a limited time to file a lawsuit against your employer for employment discrimination violations. via

    How do I report my boss?

    Call the LETF Public hotline anytime: 855 297 5322. Complete the Online Form / Spanish Form. Email us at [email protected] via

    Can I sue for not getting paid on time?

    Yes. An employee who is owed unpaid wages can file a lawsuit against their employer to recover unpaid wages, in addition to other damages provided by law. An employer who pays late wages or fails to make final payments available is in violation of California wage and hour laws. via

    Can my employer refuse to pay me?

    An employer cannot lawfully deduct money from an employee's wages unless the employee has agreed, in writing, that the employer can do so. If you are not able to reach an agreement during this process (e.g. they do not co-operate and you don't get paid) then you will need to consider issuing a claim. via

    How late can an employer pay you?

    Most modern awards provide that employees have to be paid their final pay “no later than seven days after the day on which the employee's employment terminates”. This includes wages and any other entitlements payable under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (such as redundancy pay, annual leave, etc). via

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