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Reducing redundancy pay An employer can apply to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to have the amount of redundancy they have to pay reduced if: the employer finds other acceptable employment for the employee, or the employer can't afford the full redundancy amount. via

How is redundancy pay calculated in Australia?

Summary. An employee is entitled to redundancy pay when they are made redundant and dismissed from their employment. The formula to calculate redundancy pay is as follows: Base rate x redundancy pay period = redundancy pay. via

When can a redundant position be filled Australia?

There is no statutory or recommended time limit when rehiring after a redundancy. However, there are some matters that employers will need to consider before deciding to re-engage an employee whose employment was terminated due to redundancy or advertise the same position. via

What are the 5 fair reasons for redundancy?

5 Fair Reasons for Dismissal

  • Conduct/Misconduct. Minor issues of conduct/misconduct such as poor timekeeping can usually be handled by speaking informally to the employee.
  • Capability/Performance.
  • Redundancy.
  • Statutory illegality or breach of a statutory restriction.
  • Some Other Substantial Reason (SOSR)
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    Can I get Centrelink if I am made redundant?

    If you receive a redundancy payment, you may be subjected to a waiting period before you can get an income support payment from Centrelink. This period is usually the length of time the redundancy covers. You should contact Centrelink as early as possible to discuss your individual situation. via

    What is a good redundancy package?

    Statutory redundancy is calculated using a formula which is based on the length of service, your age and your weekly pay. 0.5 week's pay for each full year worked when you're under 22; 1 week's pay for each full year worked when you're between 22 and 41; 1.5 week's pay for each full year worked when you're 41 or older. via

    How much redundancy will I get for 6 years?

    You'll get: half a week's pay for each full year you were under 22. one week's pay for each full year you were 22 or older, but under 41. one and half week's pay for each full year you were 41 or older. via

    Is redundancy pay tax free in Australia?

    Genuine redundancy and early retirement scheme payments are tax free up to a limit based on the employee's years of service. The tax-free amount is not part of the employee's ETP. Any amount over the tax-free limit is part of the employee's ETP. via

    Is Super paid on redundancy?

    For example, termination payments like redundancy, unfair dismissal or a golden handshake don't form a part of your wages. Therefore, no superannuation is payable on these amounts as part of your termination payment. via

    Can I be made redundant if my role still exists?

    Can I be made redundant if my job still exists? Redundancy is only allowed if there's no longer a need for the role to exist, and it certainly isn't legal for you to be made redundant only for your job to be taken by someone else shortly after you've been made redundant. via

    Can you make someone redundant and then replace them?

    Although you cannot make someone redundant and then replace them with someone fulfilling the exact same role, you may be able to replace them in a similar position. The contract must look different and there must be discernible and reasonable changes that require the redundancy and refilling of the position. via

    Can you recruit after redundancy?

    The simple answer is yes, you can recruit after making a position redundant. Once employment has been terminated by reason of redundancy, employers are not subject to any legally-imposed time period before which they can hire again for the redundant role. via

    What is a fair reason for redundancy?

    Fair reasons for redundancy must be objective and able to be measured. For example, attendance history, punctuality, skills and experience, performance and disciplinary history are all considered as fair reasons for redundancy. Length of service and qualifications may also be considered. via

    What is unfair selection for redundancy?

    You can challenge your redundancy if you: have worked for your employer for at least 2 years and you think it wasn't a genuine redundancy or your employer didn't follow a fair redundancy selection process. think there was an 'automatically unfair' reason for your redundancy. think there was discrimination. via

    How do you prove unfair redundancy?

  • there was a genuine need to make redundancies in your workplace.
  • your employer followed a fair procedure for consulting the workforce and selecting people for redundancy.
  • the decision to select you was fair.
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