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How do I track down my super?

  • Go to
  • Log in or create an account.
  • Link your myGov account to the ATO.
  • Select 'Super'.
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    How do I find my lost superannuation in Australia for free?

  • Open an account at, then click to link the ATO to your new myGov account.
  • Current myGov account holders can just log in and click the ATO button.
  • The Super tab shows a list of all your super accounts, both active and inactive.
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    How do I find out what super fund I am with?

    The ATO has a superannuation search tool to help you find any lost or unclaimed super. Generally all you need is your Tax File Number (TFN) and, if you want to transfer your unclaimed super to your preferred super fund, your super fund membership number as well. via

    Why is my super not showing on myGov?

    If your myGov does not reflect your current super balance you can speak directly to your fund. So the balance shown for your Super in myGov isn't a current balance. It will be updated in due course, but will not reflect the current super fund balance, which is why we advise you to call them. Hope this helps. via

    Can the ATO take my super?

    You can apply for withdrawal of your ATO-held super using a paper claim form. You may be required to provide documentation to support your application. via

    How much lost super is there in Australia?

    Could any of it be yours? Around $13.8 billion in Australians' hard earned wages is waiting to be claimed, in the form of lost and unclaimed superannuation. via

    What super details do employers need?

    You'll need to know your super fund's name, ABN, address and phone number, and your tax file number, super account name and membership number. These can be found on the last annual statement you received from your fund or on their website. via

    What happens to lost super?

    ATO-held super refers to super money we hold for you. Generally, super money will be transferred to us from super providers for any of the following: unclaimed super for members aged 65 years or older, non-member spouses and deceased members. small lost member accounts and insoluble lost member accounts. via

    How much super does the average Australian retire with?

    The Association of Super Funds of Australia (ASFA) estimates the average superannuation balance required to achieve a comfortable retirement would be $640,000 for a couple and $545,000 for a single person, assuming they withdrew their super as a lump sum and received a part Age Pension. via

    How much super do I need to retire at 60 in Australia?

    ASFA estimates people who want a comfortable retirement need $640,000 for a couple, and $545,000 for a single person when they leave work, assuming they also receive a partial age pension from the federal government. via

    How much super can I have and still get the pension?

    How much super can I save and still get the age pension? If you own your own home and are of age pension qualifying age, a couple can save up to $394,500 in super and other assets and receive the full age pension under the Centrelink assets test. via

    How do I find my Australian super?

  • the DASP online application system – for both super fund and ATO-held super.
  • a paper form, but you need to use the right form. for super money held by a super fund, use Application for a departing Australia superannuation payment form (NAT 7204) – send this form directly to the super fund.
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    How do I add super to myGov?

  • go to
  • log in or create an account.
  • link your myGov account to the ATO.
  • select 'Super' and then 'Manage'
  • select 'Transfer super' (this option will only appear if you have more than one super account)
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    How do I find my TFN on myGov?

    You need to log on to your myGov account ( Once there, click on the link to the ATO and go to 'My profile' → 'Personal details'. This page shows your TFN, name, date of birth and address details currently held by the ATO. via

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