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How do I contact HCF?

HCF via

How do I email a HCF?

When you email us at [email protected], or send a message through our Contact us page, you'll immediately get an automated acknowledgement. via

What is my HCF number?

Your membership number can be found: on the front of your HCF membership card. in the last 8 digits of the reference number on any letters or emails from us. via

How do I make a complaint to HCF?

You can lodge a complaint with us about health or life insurance in person, by telephone, fax, mail, email or online. Our contact details appear below. In Person: By visiting your local HCF branch. We will commence processing your complaint as soon as we receive it. via

What does my HCF cover?


HCF hospital and extras insurance covers state provided emergency ambulance services to the nearest hospital able to treat you. On some levels of HCF cover, you may also be able to claim up to $5,000 per person, per year for non-emergency, medically necessary ambulance transport by state providers. via

Can I make a HCF claim online?

Claiming on your extras cover

Otherwise, you can claim for your extras with the HCF My Membership app, online in member services, in a branch or by post. To claim online, go to 'Claims' and then 'Make a claim'. via

What is HCF reasonability rule?

Offsale Product means all Products that HCF has closed and are no longer available for sale. One Adult Membership, also referred to as a singles cover, means a Policy of the Health Benefits Fund under which only one Adult (the Policyholder) is eligible to receive Benefits. via

How do I quit HCF?

You can call us on 13 13 34. Alternatively, you can log in to online member services, go to contact us and then scroll down to the drop-down box enquiry type. Select cancel my cover to submit your request. via

Can I put my HCF card on my phone?

Using the HCF app is free. You can download our app from the App Store and Google Play. Search HCF to find the My Membership app. via

Does HCF cover blood tests?

Depending on the level of cover you choose, your HCF insurance can cover you when you're in hospital and for other services, like doctor visits, blood tests and x-rays. You can also get cover for extras like dental treatment, glasses and contact lenses and physiotherapy. via

How do I claim dental HCF?

You can upload your extras or ambulance claim with our My Membership app or in online member services. Drop in at your nearest branch with your membership card and your original receipts and we'll take care of the rest. Send your completed claim form and original receipts to HCF, GPO Box 4242, Sydney NSW 2001. via

Can you take a break from private health insurance?

Yes. You can suspend or 'freeze' your health insurance policy for quite a while in certain situations. You can't just stop paying your premiums though; you have to apply to your insurer and meet certain conditions such as being fully up to date on paying your premiums. via

Who owns HCF?

In June 2007 HCF celebrated its 75-year anniversary. On 28 August 2008, the Board of Manchester Unity Australia Limited announced it had signed a Merger Implementation Deed (MID) in relation to a proposal for a $256 million merger with HCF. Manchester Unity members agreed to HCF merger on 15 December 2008. via

Can I claim gym membership on HCF?

If your extras cover includes benefits for HCF approved health management programs, you can claim towards the costs of an exercise program or gym membership. Please ask your GP or medical specialist to complete section 2 and submit the completed form to HCF along with your receipts/invoices. via

Does HCF cover Chinese medicine?

We offer cover for: acupuncture. Chinese herbal medicine. remedial massage. via

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