Hcf Top Plus Cover


What does HCF top cover include?

Crowns, bridges, dentures, endodontics, occlusal therapy, surgical extractions, oral surgery, complex fillings, periodontics, prosthodontics, dental bleaching, veneers, orthodontics, artificial aids, foot orthotics and hearing aids. All other extras services. WHAT'S NOT COVERED? via

Does HCF cover Covid?

Involuntary Unemployment Assistance is included in most of our health covers (excluding Extras Only, Ambulance Only and Overseas Visitors Health Cover). We've made this easier for you to access during COVID-19, and we've now temporarily extended those changes until 31 December 2021. via

What is included in HCF extras?

HCF Mid Extras

  • 100% back on up to two dental checks per year at participating providers.
  • Prescription glasses (excluding add-ons such as high index material, coatings and tinting) and free digital retinal imaging eye check at participating providers.
  • Cover on a range of therapies.
  • And many more services.
  • via

    Do HCF cover dental implants?

    Australian insurance companies, such as HBF, HCF, BUPA, and Medibank usually cover dental implants under the category of 'major dental'. Major dental is typically covered under the policies of higher extras cover which generally covers surgery and emergency treatment. via

    What benefits do you get with HCF?

    At HCF, we're all about giving back to our members – that includes thanking you for your loyalty. Select HCF Vital Extras or HCF Top Extras and you can claim more back on a range of services the longer you're with us (up to a maximum limit). Loyalty benefits apply to dental, physio, chiro, hearing aids and more. via

    How much does HCF cover physiotherapy?

    From 1 January 2018, you can now claim up to $50 more for physio (per person per calendar year). On top of this, you can also claim for exercise physiology as part of your annual physiotherapy limit*. via

    Does HCF cover telehealth?

    It's really important to us that our members can look after their health and wellbeing, especially in these uncertain times. So, eligible members will now be able to claim for one-to-one telehealth services from recognised HCF providers for a limited time for the following services: Birthing classes. via

    Can I make a HCF claim online?

    Claiming on your extras cover

    Otherwise, you can claim for your extras with the HCF My Membership app, online in member services, in a branch or by post. To claim online, go to 'Claims' and then 'Make a claim'. via

    Does HCF cover vaccinations?

    As a HCF member you may be able to claim for some vaccinations, depending on your level of cover. Vaccination advice can be found on the Smart Traveller website. via

    Is remedial massage covered by HCF?

    We offer cover for: acupuncture. Chinese herbal medicine. remedial massage. via

    Does HCF cover blood tests?

    Depending on the level of cover you choose, your HCF insurance can cover you when you're in hospital and for other services, like doctor visits, blood tests and x-rays. You can also get cover for extras like dental treatment, glasses and contact lenses and physiotherapy. via

    Does HCF pay funeral costs?

    Your initial consultation with a legal or tax advisor will be covered under HCF Assist. You'll be responsible for the fees associated with additional tax and legal consultations, home service providers and funeral arrangements. via

    What is HCF excess?

    When you take out HCF hospital cover you'll be asked to choose an excess. This is the amount you agree to pay if you're admitted to hospital for planned treatment. A higher excess will reduce your premium. A lower excess means you'll pay less if you make a claim, but your premium will be higher. via

    What does HCF stand for?

    HCF, officially the Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia, is an Australian private health insurer formed in 1932. via

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