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What is health direct hotline?

Call the helpline free* on 1800 022 222 for information on where to go to get help in your area. If there are no GPs open near you, our registered nurses may offer you a call back or a video call from a GP who can provide advice. via

Who can you call for medical advice?

​​Call the Medi-Nurse Line: (877) 409-9052​​ via

Is there a hotline for health questions?

(800) 541-5555

Medi-Cal Members and Providers: If you have a question, need help, or need to report a problem, please call (800) 541-5555 (outside of California, please call (916) ​636-1980) for our Telephone Service Center. As a participant in the Medi-Cal program your feedback is important to us. via

How can I talk to a nurse for free?

L.A. Care Health Plan members can access a free, in-language Nurse Advice Line (NAL) by calling 1-800-249-3619 (TTY 711). The NAL is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please let your L.A. Care patients know they can call the NAL if they have any health-related questions. via

How can I get medical advice on the phone?

You should call 111 when you need advice or medical treatment quickly, and you cannot wait for an appointment to see your doctor. If you need emergency medical treatment, you must call 999. An emergency is when someone needs medical help to save their life. via

What is the number of the health line?

If you use “Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)” or web-enabled telephone services like Canada VRS, Skype or Google Talk, 811 may not connect. Instead, call 1-888-709-2929 to reach the HealthLine. via

Can I call 111 if it's not an emergency?

When you need medical advice or treatment but it is not an emergency. You will speak to trained advisers who are supported by nurses and paramedics. They will ask your symptoms and offer their help. via

Can you call an ER for advice?

The ER is also often referred to as the Emergency Department. If you're in need of medical care after office hours, find out if your health plan offers a toll-free advice line. Many plans have toll-free numbers that you can call to speak with a nurse who can help you decide if a trip to the ER is even necessary. via

Can I call NHS Direct just for advice?

Yes, NHS 111 can make direct appointments with a range of services we have. This includes mental health services, dental care and pharmacists for urgent repeat prescriptions and advice. via

Can I ask a nurse a question online free?

Virtual Patient Care is a free online service where patients can speak with experienced registered nurses and get personalized answers to their questions. via

Can I call a hospital and ask for advice?

You can go to a hospital emergency room. Or, you can call your doctor for advice. via

When should you go to hospital?

Call 911 or go to an emergency room immediately when someone experiences any of the following: wheezing, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. chest pain. displaced or open wound fractures. via

Where can I ask a doctor a question for free online?

Enter HealthTap. The popular app allows users to ask its team of 35,000 active, U.S.-licensed doctors health-related questions for free. The free service allows users to ask a question under 150 characters. Anything longer and you're asked to give a 99 cent charitable donation. via

Is ask a doctor legit?

Total scam. I feel completely ripped off and vulnerable. I submitted a question regarding a chronic issue I've had for over 8 months. Paid $18, then was sent an email to confirm my email address. via

How can I get medical advice?

Call telephone number 111 speak to someone at the NHS 111 service - they will answer any questions you have, and will ensure that you are put in touch with the right service quickly if they think your situation is more urgent. If your medical problem is non-urgent you can book an appointment with your GP surgery. via

Can I just turn up at a walk in Centre?

Yes. Walk-in centres are mostly in big cities and they're for dealing with urgent problems, usually minor illnesses, things like minor infections or minor cuts and sprains, things like hay fever. They're run by nurses. You can walk in you don't have to have an appointment. via

Can I talk to an online doctor?

Yes, you can talk to a doctor over the phone or with your computer. In some states a video appointment is required. An online doctor may be able to diagnose your condition and prescribe medication over the phone. via

Can I phone 111 for advice?

To get help from NHS 111, you can: go to (for people aged 5 and over only) call 111. via

What is the 811 line for?

Call 811 to speak to a Registered Nurse. HealthLine can help you decide what steps to take to manage your physical and mental health, and the health of your family. HealthLine nurses can also provide information about health services in your area, and answer questions you may have about health-related topics. via

Is 811 confidential?

HealthLine - 811: HealthLine is confidential, 24-hour health information and support line staffed by experienced registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses and social workers. via

How long does it take to get a Saskatchewan health card?

Health Card applications are usually processed within four to six weeks after we receive your application—not including mailing time. Applications are always processed in the order they are received. If you submit your request online, you can log into your online account to check the status of your request. via

What happens if I miss a call from NHS 111?

If you miss your call the GP or Nurse will attempt to you call you once more, if you miss a second call then we ask you to call the practice to rebook another telephone triage appointment. via

Do 111 calls go on medical records?

Calls to 111 are recorded. All calls and the records created are maintained securely, and will only be shared with others directly involved with your care. Information recorded during the call will be shared with other professionals directly involved in your care. via

Can 111 prescribe antibiotics?

asking a local pharmacist if they can provide an emergency supply of your medicine. in some cases, a nurse at an NHS walk-in centre may be able to supply your medicine or a prescription. outside normal GP hours, you may be able to get a prescription from an out-of-hours service or by calling 111. via

What happens if you never pay medical bills?

When you don't pay your medical bills, you face the possibility of a lower credit score, garnished wages, liens on your property, and the inability to keep any money in a bank account. via

Can you call the ER to see if you should go in?

You should call 911 or come right to the ER if you're systemically sick – that's when an illness affects your entire body, and you have severe pain or sudden onset of severe symptoms, a fever that won't break, or “something doesn't work,” like you're unable to move an arm or leg or breathe normally. via

Can the ER turn you away?

Privately-owned hospitals may turn away patients in a non-emergency, but public hospitals cannot refuse care. This means that a public hospital is the best option for those without health insurance or the means to pay for care. via

When should I go to A&E?

When to go to the emergency department (ED)

are feeling unwell and getting sicker, faster. are sick and can't keep fluids down. have not urinated in over 12 hours and have no urge to do so. are not feeling well and become confused and agitated. via

How long does it take for NHS 111 to call back?

What if I can't contact NHS 111? 91% of calls to NHS 111 are answered within 60 seconds. You can also use NHS 111 online. If you have an emergency, you should call 999 or go straight to your Emergency Department. via

Where can I get non urgent medical advice?

For less urgent health needs, check ups, prescriptions and general medical advice you can contact your GP, walk-in centre or local pharmacist. via

Can I chat with a doctor online for free?

Connect with a board-certified physician 24 hours a day with Your Doctors Online. Our free app allows you to chat in real-time and send photos or videos with a professional and experienced doctor. via

Is nurse on call free?

Calls from landline phones are free; mobile charges may apply. The healthdirect service is not meant to replace your doctor or the 000 emergency number and does not provide a diagnosis. If necessary, we will connect you to the appropriate emergency service. via

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