Hicaps Provider Number


How do I find my HICAPS provider number?

Just call 1300 650 852. HICAPS will issue you with a unique User ID and temporary password. If you are a health service provider, your User ID will be your 8-character HIC or Medibank Private Provider Number registered with HICAPS for the practice this information was mailed to. via

Does Bupa have HICAPS?

Members of Bupa, Medibank, nib, GU health and HBF are now able to tap and claim at any HICAPS terminal in Australia. It's contactless claiming that's fast and easy. via

Does HICAPS do Eftpos?

HICAPS is an all-in-one solution, offering private health fund claiming, EFTPOS, Medicare Easyclaim and lodgement of WorkSafe claims on the spot with no establishment or annual fees, and superior technical support. via

Does HICAPS need a phone line?

Do I need a phone line for my HICAPS terminal? No. HICAPS terminals have broadband/ethernet connectivity – so you don't need a phone line. via

How do I change my HICAPS provider number?

Simply login to HICAPS Accounts Online and navigate using the side menu (Providers > View / Modify Provider) to the Provider page and select the changes you wish to enable/disable. Once all modifications have been made you can select Modify Provider at the bottom of the page to save the changes. via

How do I bulk bill a HICAPS machine?

For bulk bill and unpaid account patient claims, you simply swipe your patient's Medicare card from the idle screen on your terminal. For a step by step guide, please refer to your HICAPS Medicare Easyclaim User Guide. To download a copy visit www.hicaps.com.au – Admin & Support _ HICAPS USER GUIDES. via

Can I claim HICAPS without card?

Instead of swiping a plastic card at the HICAPS terminal, android phone users can now claim by simply tapping their device on the HICAPS terminal. via

Is HICAPS owned by NAB?

HICAPS was formed in June 1998 in response to the need to provide an electronic claim and payment solution for the Healthcare sector. We're part of NAB Health - a group of businesses that includes Medfin - who specialise in providing financial services for practitioners, pharmacists and corporate healthcare businesses. via

How do I find my Medibank provider number?

Please contact your organisation and arrange for them to contact Medibank as soon as possible on 1300 654 887 in relation to obtaining an organisation provider number. via

How much does HICAPS go Cost?

Pricing and fees

HICAPS do not charge fees to process claims for HICAPS, and neither does Medipass. That means you can process private health insurance claims at no cost. via

How do I get HICAPS?

  • It takes around 5-10 minutes.
  • You'll need a valid Australian Business Number (ABN.
  • The application will need to be signed and submitted by the owner or director.
  • You need to have a Medicare Australia or Medibank Provider number.
  • A specialist will call you to complete your application.
  • via

    How long do you need to keep HICAPS receipts?

    as an agent and submit claims on a Member's behalf except where agreed with HCF in writing, and in the use of electronic claiming channels such as HICAPS or HEALTHPOINT. invoices and receipts for at least 24 months from the date of the Extras Service, or longer where required by law. via

    Who can use Hicaps?

    Who can use HICAPS? Anyone with a Medicare or private health insurance membership card with a magnetic strip can use HICAPS at participating healthcare providers. Simply present your card at the time of payment. via

    Can you back date a Hicaps claim?

    If you are using HIcaps Go app you do not need your physical card. If you forget your card: We can't backdate a payment. Otherwise you will need to pay the full amount and use your receipt to claim in person or online with your health fund. via

    Is there an alternative to Hicaps?

    Alternative to HICAPS

    Medipass is an alternative to the traditional hicaps terminals. Your patients can claim their health insurance rebate without scanning a card. Basically it's a hicaps terminal on your mobile phone. via

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