How To Get A 1300 Number Telstra


Are 1300 numbers free with Telstra?

13 and 1300 numbers are advertised as "the cost of a local call". Calls to Telstra customer service and complaint lines are free of charges, when callers use Telstra phone services to make the calls. via

How do I get a 1300 number in Australia?

1300 Smartnumbers are managed by the Australian Government through the Australian Communications and Media Authority at the ACMA Smartnumbers website. You can get 1300 Numbers via direct purchase from their website with prices for Smartnumbers starting at $250. via

How do I set up a 1300 number?

  • Step 1: Choose a 1300 number service provider.
  • Step 2: Choose a 1300 number.
  • Step 3: Assign your answerpoints.
  • Step 4 (Optional): Configure custom features.
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    How much does it cost to call a 1300 number Telstra?

    Re: Telstra charges for 1300 numbers

    13 numbers cost 40 cents per call. 1800 numbers are the freecall numbers, 13 numbers are local call cost. via

    Is there a charge for 1300 numbers?

    Are 1300 numbers free? 1300 numbers are not free to call. A call to a 1300 number from a landline within Australia will be charged at the local rate. Calls made to 1300 numbers from mobile phones will be charged to the caller at a timed rate determined by their mobile phone carrier. via

    Who pays for a 1300 call?

    When calling a 1300 number from any landline in Australia, the caller is charged the cost of a local call. That's why 1300 numbers are often referred to as Local Rate Numbers. Higher charges apply when dialling from a mobile phone. They are determined by the mobile phone company and vary between carriers. via

    Why is the number 1300?

    1300 numbers can help your business by redirecting incoming calls based on the postcode or state-based location of the caller. You can also decide where your calls should be answered after hours or any time and day. The flexibility and functionality of 1300 numbers far surpasses any other phone numbers for a business. via

    Can I call 1300 numbers from outside Australia?

    Can my 1300 number be dialled from outside Australia? If a caller can make contact with an Australian 1300 number from overseas, they will be charged based on their home network's rates. They will have to dial the overseas code of their country, followed by the Australian code (61), and then your 1300 number. via

    What is the difference between 1800 and 1300 numbers?

    1300 and 1800 numbers are both inbound numbers that are exclusively used to receive incoming calls. When calling from a landline, calls to an 1800 number are free, while calls to a 1300 number is charged at the least the cost of a local call. via

    What is a 1300 phone number?

    1300 numbers have ten digits, for example, 1300 287 872. Customers can contact you from a fixed line anywhere in Australia. 1300 numbers are diverted to a land line or mobile number. With a 1300 number your customers can contact you for a low untimed charge. via

    How do I call a 1300 number from my mobile?

    Calling a 1300 number is simple and works just like ringing a local area number or a mobile number, you just need to enter the 10 digits (1300 followed by 6 digits). A prefix is a set of numbers you have to dial before the phone number (like 02 is NSW and 03 in Victoria) and there is no prefix for a 1300 number. via

    Are 1300 numbers free on TPG?

    Calls to 13/1300 numbers are considered as standard calls to Australian numbers. As such, they are part of your included value for T4G S & M plans, and unlimited for T4G L, XL & XXL plans. via

    What is the difference between 13 and 1300 numbers?

    Difference Between 13 and 1300/1800 Numbers

    The number of digits; 13 numbers are only 6 digits long and 1300/1800 numbers are 10 digits long; and the monthly cost. The additional ACMA charge is a significant addition to the cost of the 13 number. via

    Do you have to pay for 13 numbers?

    With a 13 number, your customers can contact you for the cost of a low untimed charge (approx $0.35). Calls for mobile phones will be charged to the caller at a rate determined by their mobile phone carrier. via

    Does Telstra charge for 1800 numbers?

    Calls to 1800 numbers from Telstra landlines will continue to be free of charge. With 1800 number calls now free of charge, you can enjoy greater cost certainty and value across both our Post-Paid and Pre-Paid mobile plans. via

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