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How do you add cards to Stocard?

To push your rewards card to the Wallet app, tap the “Add to Wallet” button at the bottom of your card entry in Stocard, confirm the pop-up by choosing “Add” in the top right corner of your screen and - done! via

How secure is Stocard app?

Every transaction is protected by a range of robust security features, so you can be fully confident when paying. When you pay with Stocard in store, a virtual card number replaces your real card details; only the virtual card number is stored on your device, or disclosed and transmitted when you pay. via

Where can I use my Stocard?

Join more than 60 million Stocard users and experience the smarter way to shop. You can add the loyalty cards of your go-to retailers such as Tesco, Morrisons and Superdrug within seconds. Custom cards make it possible to also add the card from the small flower shop from around the corner. via

How do you use Apple Watch Stocard?

At the store, open the Stocard app on Apple Watch and select the required card. The cashier will scan the barcode off your watch and you will receive all discounts and rewards just like you would with your plastic card. via

Can I add Medicare card to Stocard?

If you can't find your card's provider in the default list of stores, you can easily add your card to Stocard by choosing to add it as "Other Card". You will find the option to add a card as "Other Card" either right on top of the list of available card providers or directly below the "Frequently Added Cards". via

Is the Stocard app free?

Yes, Stocard is and will always remain completely free of charge for our users! We do charge the loyalty card providers for distributing their catalogues and flyers through our "Offers" section in Stocard though. via

Is Stocard pay safe?

Payments through the Stocard mobile app are accepted everywhere with just a tap of the phone on the terminal, without the need to touch the pin pad – much faster and safer, and therefore more relevant than ever in the current context. via

Does Stocard use data?

b) Usage data: If you use the app, we collect and save how you use the card (for example, card used, time, number of points). Stocard only accesses this data in an anonymous form. There is no further usage or sharing of this location-based data from the respective user. via

What is Stocard pay?

Stocard Pay allows users to create a virtual credit card hosted in the app. Registration is seamless taking just one minute and without the need for paper documents. Users currently can top up Stocard Pay using Mastercard and Visa and allows users to save on foreign currency fees when purchasing items abroad. via

How do you unlock a Stocard?

If you can access Stocard via your Touch ID or Face ID, you can simply open your settings in Stocard, go to "General Settings" and disable the "Lock with Touch ID/Face ID" feature. If you then enable it again, you will be asked to choose a new code. via

What's the best loyalty card app?

What are the Best Loyalty Card Wallet Apps for all my Loyalty Cards?

  • Stocard – Mobile Loyalty Card Wallet.
  • Stocard is amongst the leading loyalty card wallet apps available.
  • Key Ring – Savings, Store Cards, Deals and More.
  • Apple Wallet – Apple Card and More.
  • Starbucks Mobile App – Rewards and Stars.
  • Sephora Beauty Insider.
  • via

    Can you add credit cards to Stocard?

    In order to add a top-up credit or debit card to Stocard, please go to the “Pay” tab and choose to “Top up”. Now, please choose to “Select top-up method”. Please also note that you can only use your own credit or debit cards as a funding card in Stocard. via

    Can you use Stocard on Apple Watch?

    Add your Stocard card to Apple Pay

    For Apple Watch, open the Stocard app on your iPhone and tap the “Add to Apple Wallet” button, then select your Apple Watch. via

    Does Stocard work on Apple Watch?

    The Stocard watch app is available for the Apple Watch and for all WearOS watches. Simply sync your cards in the Stocard phone app with your smartwatch via the Apple Watch app or the WearOS app on your smartphone. via

    Can I put Flybuys on Apple Watch?

    In the wallet app, it'll look like this – simply hold your phone up to the barcode reader at the point of sale terminal, and scan like you normally would. As it uses an 'old school' barcode, while the pass will sync to your watch, it won't do much more than tell you your name! via

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