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Is John Monash Science School a selective school?

The John Monash Science School is a government-funded co-educational academically selective and specialist secondary day school, located on the Clayton campus of Monash University, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. via

What time does John Monash Science School Start?

What are the schools hours? Students are required at school from 8.30 am. Students are dismissed at 15.30 on Mondays & Wednesdays, 15.00 on Tuesdays, and 15.15 on Thursdays & Fridays. via

What is Monash famous for?

We've achieved an enviable reputation for research and teaching excellence in a short 50 years and are consistently ranked in the world's top 100 universities. Monash is a member of the Group of Eight, an alliance of leading Australian universities recognised for their excellence in teaching and research. via

Why is Monash famous?

Sir John Monash, (born June 27, 1865, West Melbourne, Austl. —died Oct. 8, 1931, Melbourne), civil engineer and soldier, best known for his role as commander of the Australian army corps in France during World War I. Monash was not a frontline general. via

Why is John Monash hero?

General Sir John Monash, GCMG, KCB, VD (/ˈmɒnæʃ/; 27 June 1865 – 8 October 1931), was a civil engineer and an Australian military commander of the First World War. Monash is considered one of the best allied generals of the First World War and the most famous commander in Australian history. via

Is Monash prestigious?

Monash University Is the largest university in Australia, ranked in the world's top 100 and a member of the prestigious Group of Eight. Monash University Is the largest university in Australia, ranked in the world's top 100 and a member of the prestigious Group of Eight. via

What rank is Monash University?

Monash University has ranked 58th in the QS World University Rankings 2022 released today, ranking 6th in Australia, and 6th in Oceania. via

Is Monash good for business?

Monash Business School is very proud to have been awarded 'Triple Accreditation' by three global accrediting bodies. We are one of only 97 business schools in the world – and the only institution within Victoria – to have achieved this accreditation. via

What made John Monash a good leader?

As a soldier, he is considered by many to have been the greatest commander of WWI, whose innovative tactics and careful planning shortened the war and saved thousands of lives. Monash was a complex man; a man from humble beginnings who overcame prejudice and opposition to achieve great things. via

Where is Monash buried?

John Monash via

Why is General Sir John Monash on the $100 note?

The banknote celebrates the contributions of these two outstanding Australians. Sir John Monash was an engineer, soldier and civic leader. He was a significant figure in the building-construction industry. Monash is also widely recognised for his service as a commander in the First World War. via

How old is Monash?

Monash University Clayton Campus via

When did World war 1 end?

World War I via

Why should we remember John Monash?

Monash University is, of course, named in his honour – the first Australian university to be named after an individual. His achievements are remarkable. Sir John was the commander of the entire Australian defence force in 1918, in World War I, as a general. He was also a doctor of laws, civil law, and engineering. via

Is Melbourne better than Monash?

Monash has the people, Melbourne has the campus

Monash, being the less expensive, less elitist of the top universities in Melbourne, evidently attracts the more desirable, down to earth people. Don't let anyone tell you that there is a more beautiful campus in the whole of this great country. via

Is Monash Law Good?

Rankings. Monash University is the 5th best Law Faculty in Australia, according to QS Top Universities Rankings 2021. QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021 also ranks Monash Law School as 40th in the world. via

Is it hard to get into Monash University?

To be eligible for a Monash course: You must meet the minimum entry requirements for your course listed in Find a Course. But meeting the minimum entry requirements won't guarantee entry into a course. Entry is competitive because there are likely to be more applicants than places available. via

Is Monash good for finance?

In the QS Top Universities Rankings for 2021, Monash Uni came in at number 4 nationally for its Accounting and Finance courses. “You get associated with the uni, with such a prestigious connection like Monash, you can sell yourself easily whenever you're meeting new people. It has an international reputation. via

What is the acceptance rate for Monash University?

Monash University is fairly selective with an undergraduate & postgraduate admissions rate of 40%. via

What rank is Melbourne University?

University of Melbourne is ranked #25 in Best Global Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. via

What did John Monash do in ww1?

Background Information. Sir John Monash (1865-1931) commanded troops during some of World War One's most famous battles. He gained a reputation as a great military planner and strategist, which led to battlefield victories in France and Belgium and a knighthood. via

Why is Monash University called Monash?

Brief History

Monash University is Australia's largest university with approximately 60,000 students from over 170 countries. Named after engineer, military leader and public administrator Sir John Monash, Monash University was established by an Act of Parliament in 1958. via

What did John Monash build?

General Monash led many ANZAC parades and was the driving force behind the building of the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. He lectured at the University of Melbourne and was its vice-chancellor for two years from 1923. via

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