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How do mature students get into university in Australia?

You are eligible to apply for admission through the Mature-age Entry Scheme if you:

  • will be 21 or older on 1 March of the year you will commence study.
  • did not receive an ATAR (or equivalent) or if your ATAR was below 70.
  • have not done any tertiary study.
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    What is considered a mature aged student?

    What is a mature-aged student? A 'mature-age student' is someone who has not recently graduated from high school. You may have taken a gap year, studied at TAFE or are looking to change or advance your career. via

    Are mature students more likely to be accepted?

    + Mature students are more likely to apply later in the application cycle, with 44 per cent of students aged 21 and over applying after the January deadline in 2017, compared to just 3.3 per cent of 18 year olds. via

    Do entry requirements apply to mature students?

    Mature students don't necessarily need formal qualifications to study with us. You're considered a mature student if you're aged 21 or older when you start your first undergraduate degree course. You can also have a chat with one of our London Met students to see what it's like to study with us. via

    Should I go to university as a mature student?

    The benefit of studying as a mature student is that you gain confidence. It's a fantastic experience – you are assessed by experts in your field, so you learn so much. Now I would like to put my knowledge to good use: volunteering in local museums and encouraging other mature students to go to university. via

    Is it easier to get into uni as a mature student?

    Many universities have more flexible entry requirements when it comes to mature applicants, especially ones who didn't study formal modern qualifications such as A-Levels or BTECs. They'll consider older qualifications like O-Levels or alternative qualifications like Open University credits or NVQ qualifications. via

    What is a mature age exemption?

    Mature age which is offered to 23-year-old students and lasts for the full-time duration of study plus two years, Senate's discretionary exemption, which is granted once the student, has completed a recognized Access course or a Foundation programme and it lasts for three years. via

    Who qualifies for mature age exemption?

    Candidates who do not meet the Bachelors requirements and who will be turning 23 years or above in their first year of registration may be considered provided that: They have passed two languages with E symbol. They have passed other two content subjects with E symbol. via

    Can you study medicine as a mature age student?

    Overall, although mature students may face additional life questions, such as when to have kids, or struggle to find time with their long-term partner, they are an invaluable part of medical school, and as far as medical school entry requirements go, age shouldn't be an issue. via

    What benefits can mature students get?

    This is the same amount as income support, but you must be able to meet the work-seeking conditions.

  • Income support.
  • Jobseeker's allowance.
  • Carer's allowance.
  • Employment and support allowance.
  • Tax credits.
  • Housing benefit.
  • Council tax.
  • Universal credit.
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    What are the advantages of being a mature student?

    10 great things about being a mature student

  • You have clear career goals.
  • You're dedicated.
  • You have life experience.
  • You already have work experience.
  • Entry requirements can be more flexible.
  • You'll have built connections.
  • Employers like self-improvement.
  • You're studying something because you're passionate.
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    Can I get funding as a mature student?

    There is no age limit on eligibility for tuition fee loans, so anyone can apply, providing that they're going to be studying for their first undergraduate degree. via

    Is 25 too old for university?

    Studying is a great way to start a new career. Perhaps you think you're 'too old' to start university, but it's never too late to study. An increasing number of students aged over 25 are opting for university courses because they're unsatisfied with their job or want a new career path. via

    Is 30 too old for university?

    The term 'mature student' is usually used when referring to anyone going to university or college after a period of time out of full-time education. Over half of mature students are aged between 21 and 24, and around 40% are over 30. Mature students often balance their studies alongside work or caring responsibilities. via

    Is there a age limit for university?

    The minimum age to study a degree programme at the university is normally at least 17 years old by the 20 September in the year the course begins. There is no upper age limit. via

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