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Is there a cost for money order?

Money orders usually cost less. Walmart has some of the best prices for money orders, charging a maximum of 88 cents for amounts up to $1,000 with valid government-issued photo ID. The U.S. Postal Service charges from $1.25 to $1.76, depending on the amount. Banks often charge around $5. via

Where is the cheapest place to get a money order?

The 11 Best Places to Buy a Money Order

  • Walmart. Walmart money orders are pretty cheap and convenient since you'll probably be shopping their anyways.
  • Publix. When it comes to grocery stores, Publix is one of the cheaper places to get a money order.
  • CVS Drugstore.
  • 7-Eleven.
  • Kroger.
  • K-Mart.
  • Meijer.
  • Walgreens.
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    How long does a money order take?

    Expect 20 business days processing for mailed requests. Allow additional days for mail delivery. For fee details go to What are the processing fees? via

    How long is an Australia Post money order valid for?

    8.1 Payment of a money order will not be made after the expiration of 12 months after the last day of the month in which it was issued unless the person seeking payment has made special application in writing to Australia Post which is then approved by Australia Post. via

    How do you cash a money order?

    Your best bet is to cash a money order at the same entity that issued it, whether that's a bank branch, post office or other location. Check-cashing locations, convenience stores and grocery stores can be alternatives, but watch out for fees. Wherever you go, you'll probably need to show identification. via

    Can I get a money order from my bank?

    Cashier's checks and money orders can be purchased at banks and credit unions, but money orders can be bought at many other places, including various grocery stores and convenience stores, Western Union, the post office and Walmart. via

    Where can I get free money order?

    Free Money Orders.

  • Amscot Money Orders are FREE! Why pay a fee to purchase a money order somewhere else, when at Amscot, money orders are FREE.
  • You never have to pay a fee to purchase a money order at Amscot.
  • Others may charge purchase fees ranging from $ .
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    How much does a money order cost at Kroger?

    But with your Shopper's Card at Kroger Family of Stores, money order fees typically start at just $0.69[1]. While there is a limit on the amount you can put on each money order, there is the option to purchase more than one. via

    How much does it cost to get a money order at 711?

    Buying a money order at 7-Eleven will cost you 1-3% of the total amount of the money order – but their fees also depend on the location. There's a minimum fee of $0.65. 7-Eleven use MoneyGram or Western Union, depending on where the store is located. The maximum money order amount is $500. via

    What's the difference between a cashier's check and a money order?

    A money order is essentially a prepaid piece of paper, similar to a check, that you get in exchange for cash. Money orders cost just a few dollars and can typically be obtained for amounts up to $1,000. A cashier's check is similar to a money order, but is issued by a bank and requires a bank account. via

    Do Walgreens do money orders?

    No, Walgreens does not sell money orders. It does, however, sell money transfers via Western Union. They are also both great ways to get and receive money when banks are closed. At Walgreens, you can send a money transfer of up to $6,000 and receive up to $300 per transaction. via

    Can I get a money order at Circle K?

    Money orders are available at most Circle K Stores. via

    Can I buy a money order with a credit card?

    There are currently no providers that accept a credit card as a form of payment for money orders. This means that in order to get a money order with your credit card, you'll have to first obtain a cash advance from your credit card at an ATM or a bank branch, or through a convenience check tied to your account. via

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