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Is a Green Card the same as a White Card?

What is the difference between the "Green Card" and "White Card"? Previously, participants who completed the WHS Induction course were issued with a “green card”. With legislation changes, participants are now issued with a “white card”. via

Can I get White Card online in NSW?

New South Wales Government (SafeWork NSW) Approved

Until recently it was not possible to do your White Card course online in NSW. However, Express Online Training has been approved by SafeWork NSW to deliver the White Card Course via connected online classroom during the COVID-19 crisis. via

How long does NSW White Card last?

The statement is valid for 60 days but most cards are issued in less than 30 days. If you don't receive your card give us a call on 13 10 50. via

What is a blue card in NSW?

A BLUECARD is a document (a card) which demonstrates that you have received (and passed) the required WHS training specific to the transport industry. BLUECARD is a safety awareness program aligned to the Transport Industry National Competency Standard TLIF1001 – “Follow Work Health & Safety Procedures”. via

What does a White Card give you?

White Card is the common name for the 'Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry CPCCWHS1001' training course. Holding a valid White Card means that you have completed official, certified general construction induction training with a registered organisation within Australia. via

Do white cards expire?

Will my White Card expire? Your White Card will not expire, however if you have been out of the construction industry for a period of two years or more you will need to redo the course. via

Who is offering free online courses right now?

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  • via

    Can you do a White Card online?

    You can now get a White Card online in several states which is recognised in all states and territories. This mean that you can do the White Card Course at home, at your own pace. It is convenient, easy, much cheaper than face-to-face training and fully accredited. via

    How much does a White Card cost in NSW?

    How much does it cost? The cost for White Card course is $79. An additional $20 is payable at the completion of your course for processing of your actual white card. (This is a fee that NSW WorkCover charges and not Licences 4 Work). via

    Can you fail a white card test?

    Don't worry if you fail you will get feedback from our Assessors and you can go back and do the assessment again. For the new CPCCWHS1001 course, you will also need a selection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to complete the live video verbal assessment. via

    How quickly can you get a white card?

    The standard service option which is included in the price of the white card, usually takes 2-3 business days through Australia Post to be delivered. We process your White Card as soon as possible, so if all your documents are in order (ID and signed declaration), you should receive your White Card within a week. via

    Is the white card course hard?

    An OH&S Course or 'White Card' is not that difficult to get. It is an entry-level, basic construction health and safety training course and takes less than a day to complete. Every construction site worker must always have their White Card with them at all times while they are working. via

    How much does it cost to get a blue card in NSW?

    Fees and Charges

    If you already hold a White Card course then the cost of the Blue Card course is $100. If you DO NOT already hold a White Card then your combine fee if $170. via

    What is a blue or yellow card?

    A blue card is a two minute minor penalty where the offender sits in a penalty box and their team plays short until a goal is scored against them or the penalty time runs out. Yellow cards are considered a double minor with a four minute timed penalty. via

    Who is entitled to a gold card Veterans Affairs?

    You are a veteran, including reservists and cadets, and you: have a permanent impairment under MRCA of at least 60 points from your service-related injuries or conditions; or. are eligible for the Special Rate Disability Pension (SRDP) via

    Is Blue card same as white card?

    A Blue Card Qld was an OH&S Card issued for Construction Industry employees. They are no longer issued and have been replaced by White Card Australia training. However, if your Blue Card Qld is still valid and your details are correct, you will be able to enter worksite. via

    Do you need a white card for mining?

    To work in a mining industry though, you just need to get online and apply for jobs with a white card, and many mining jobs require you to move to a certain area of the country to complete the work. via

    Do you need to renew your white card?

    Once you have received your white card, it will remain valid while you continue to work in construction. However, if you do not work in this field for a period of two consecutive years, you will need to renew your white card by undertaking training again. via

    How often do you have to renew your white card?

    Yes, you will need to renew your license every 5 years. via

    What do you wear to a white card course?

    4 pieces of Personal Protective Equipment

  • Boots.
  • Ear plugs.
  • Face masks.
  • gloves.
  • Goggles.
  • Hard hats.
  • High visibility clothing.
  • Respirators.
  • via

    How can I get a free certificate?

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  • via

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    University of the People (UoPeople) is the Education Revolution! It is the first non-profit, American-accredited, tuition-free online university dedicated to opening access to higher education globally. via

    How can I get MasterClass videos for free?

  • Go to the MasterClass Home page.
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  • via

    Are white cards valid in all states?

    New South Wales

    NSW accepts all interstate White Cards. via

    Is course online now legit?

    We are a nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO: 40592), and are registered with all relevant federal and state government bodies such as Liquor & Gaming NSW, OLGR, RGL & ASQA. All support is done locally by Express Online Training staff who are fully qualified as Trainers or Assessors. via

    How long does it take to do White Card online?

    However, due to the efficiencies of online learning, we find most people take approximately 2-4 hours to complete the course content and approximately 1-2 hours to complete the assessments (knowledge and video verbal assessment for new CPCCWHS1001 white card). via

    What age can you get a white card NSW?

    To hold a white card you must be aged 14 or over. via

    How do I become a traffic controller NSW?

    You will need to enrol to undertake training and assessment with a SafeWork NSW Registered Training Organisation. Recognition of Prior Learning will be permitted on the training component of the Units of Competency. The assessment will still need to be undertaken in full as normal for all individuals. via

    What do I bring to a white card course?

    For all courses it is essential to provide photo ID (i.e. Passport, Drivers licence, Photo ID card, Student Card), however, the White Card and Forklift course requires 100 points of ID. The acceptable documents for 100 points of ID are listed in the table below and contain both primary and secondary documents. via

    How do I prepare for a White Card?

    To qualify for a white card in the ACT, you need to first complete construction induction training with an RTO. Find your nearest white card trainer here. This construction induction training must include a unit of competency called 'CPCCWHS1001 — Prepare to work safely in the construction industry'. via

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