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Is there a parenting helpline?

Please call us on 0808 800 2222 for emotional support, information, advice and guidance on any aspect of parenting and family life. via

Who to call if child is out of control?

You should call 911 when your child's behavior is beyond your ability to control it and the child is … 1. A danger to others—the child directs dangerous physical action at others. via

What is family Helpline?

Call 1300 1300 52

Parent Line is a free telephone counselling and support service for parents and carers with children aged 0 to 18 who live in NSW. via

Are parent lines confidential?

ParentLine Scotland is the free, confidential, parent support helpline for anyone caring for a child in Scotland. You can call about any problem, however big or small. via

Can parents get advice from Childline?

NSPCC helpline Helping adults protect children. We're here if you're concerned about a child, if you're a parent or carer looking for advice, or if you're a professional in need of information and guidance. Whatever your worry – call the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000, email us, or submit our online form – we can help. via

Can parents contact Childline?

ChildLine is anonymous and confidential – this means you don't need to tell anyone that you're signing up for an account or that you're talking to us. ChildLine is a private space where you can talk about things you don't feel able to say to anyone else – and this can include your parents if you wish. via

How do you deal with an angry disrespectful child?

  • Ignore Attention-Seeking Behavior.
  • Use When/Then Statements.
  • Provide an Immediate Consequence.
  • Use Restitution.
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    What can I do if my 10 year old is out of control?

  • Listen With Full Attention: Everyone needs to feel understood.
  • Acknowledge Their Feelings: Paraphrase what they said.
  • Give Their Feelings A Name: “Sounds like you feel this is unfair.” It calms the brain.
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    What happens if I call the police on my dad?

    If you call the police, one or both of them will go to jail and be removed from the home for months throwing and breaking things is a domestic violence crime that can result in charges, also it could result in child abuse if you are truly scared they will hurt each other or you or a sibling, then you probably have no via

    How can we help family problems?

  • Wait until things have calmed down.
  • Say sorry.
  • Speak to someone else like a friend or an adult you trust for support.
  • Stay calm.
  • Be assertive.
  • Get support if you feel unsafe or you don't know what to do.
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    How can you help a struggling parent?

  • Do your research. Is your friend the kind of person who loves surprises or prefers planned things?
  • Pop over with a treat.
  • Pick up groceries.
  • Do a house project.
  • Make a specific, immediate plan to provide a break.
  • Do what you can.
  • Be consistent.
  • Follow through.
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    How do you talk to your family?

  • Be clear and direct. Be as clear as you can about what you think, feel, and want.
  • Be honest. If you're always honest, a parent will be likely to believe what you say.
  • Try to understand their point of view.
  • Try not to argue or whine.
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    Who can I talk to about my son's mental health?

    YoungMinds. YoungMinds offers free confidential online and telephone support to anyone worried about the emotional and mental wellbeing of a child or young person up to the age of 25. via

    What do you do if you are worried about your child's mental health?

    If you're worried about a child or young person, you can contact the NSPCC helpline for support and advice for free - call us on 0808 800 5000 or contact us online. Children can contact Childline any time to get support themselves. via

    How do I help my son?

  • Be a role model.
  • Let him know he has your unconditional love and support.
  • Let him know he's not alone.
  • Encourage him to seek professional advice.
  • Support yourself.
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