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Can I complete my RSA Online?

Most states now allow you to do the RSA Online. This means that you can do the RSA Course at home, at your own pace. It is convenient, easy, much cheaper than face-to-face training and fully accredited. To view details about specific RSA Online Courses please select your state/region below. via

How long is the RSA online course?

The course completion time depends on your current knowledge, experience and your computer skills. It generally takes 2-4 hours to complete an RSA/RSG course. via

Can I do RSA Online in NSW?

EOT is has been approved by Liquor and Gaming NSW to deliver the NSW RSA Online. You can work using your NSW RSA Interim Certificate for up to 90 days. During that time, you will need to present to a NSW Service Centre to complete the steps and obtain your NSW RSA Competency Card. via

What do you do in a RSA course?

During the RSA training, you will learn to serve alcohol responsibly by identifying intoxicated customers and underage drinkers. This course will also bring awareness and prevention of drink driving. It will help you to understand the regulations regarding alcohol and its consumption in Australia. via

How much does an RSA certificate cost?

Various providers will charge different amounts but the average cost for a NSW RSA certificate seems to be around $120-$130. via

How long is RSA valid?

How long is an RSA valid for in ACT? Those with an RSA ACT Approved Certificate must complete a refresher course every three years in order for it to remain valid. via

Is Galaxy training RSA legit?

How does one differentiate between the fake and legit? Galaxy Training Australia – A 100% genuine RSA training organisation acts as an eye-opener for all those who wish to pursue RSA certification in an effective manner to brighten up their dream career. via

Are online RSA courses legit?

The RSA training is a 1-day course that provides in-depth knowledge about selling, serving, and supplying in the bar, club, and hotels. But, many people fall prey to fake RSA training, which is provided online. It is less of knowledge and more of a scam. via

Can you do online RSA Victoria?

AAAT's RSA online course is VCGLR Approved and available to people that are planning to work in a Victorian businesses handling & serving alcoholic beverages. If you have completed this course in the immediate preceding 3 years then you may only be required to complete the VCGLR online refresher course. via

Does a NSW RSA expire?

As part of the renewal process, you need refresher training, which you can do online. When you've completed the training and paid the renewal fee, your new card will be valid for a further 5 years. RSA and RCG competency cards are available as digital licences. via

How do I qualify for RSA?

The most basic from of an OCA (RSA) qualification is Level 1 in Text Production and Word Processing. The entry requirements for this course are pretty basic with students expected to be able to type at least 25 words a minute. Prospective students should also be proficient in a qualifying word processing packaging. via

Who needs RSA?

Anyone who intends to work in licensed premises will need to complete an accredited Responsible Service of Alcohol course. This includes bartenders, floor staff, promotions staff, managers, supervisors, function and event staff, licensees, security officers and volunteers. via

Can you fail an RSA?

Even though you can not fail, you still need to pass. Finding RSA training that is inexpensive but also teaches you some really important information enables you to pass. via

Do I need to study for an RSA?

RSA Course. To sell, serve or supply alcohol in NSW, you must complete an RSA training course provided by an approved training provider. If you are new to the liquor industry or your RSA competency training took place more than five years ago, you need to complete a full training course. via

How do I pass an RSA course?

  • Do a little research before you begin your course.
  • Allocate enough time to complete your RSA certificate.
  • Remember the facts and figures taught.
  • Be sure to read each question carefully.
  • Make sure you are prepared for the test.
  • Pick a time when you won't be interrupted.
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