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Are NSW service Centres open during lockdown?

COVID-19 resources in your language. We encourage you to browse our services to see what you can do online. Our service centres remain open but have modified opening hours. via

How do I contact RMS?

Phone. Call us on 13 77 88 from Monday to Friday between 7:00am and 7:00pm (Sydney time). via

Can you email Service NSW?

For any customer service related enquiries, please email [email protected] or call 13 77 88. If you cannot access 1300 numbers (for example, you are overseas), you can call Service NSW on the landine +61 2 8894 1555. via

What are the opening hours for Service NSW?

Most Service NSW centres in Sydney normally operate from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, with Saturday trading from 8.30am to 3pm. via

Can I visit Centrelink during lockdown?

In a lockdown area only visit us if it's essential. You can do most of your Centrelink, Medicare or Child Support business with us online through myGov. If you can't do your business online, you can call us. via

Can I buy a car during lockdown NSW?

In NSW, car dealerships, showrooms and car yards are generally closed to walk-in customers, but the purchase of vehicles can be done via phone or internet. Check with the dealership online or via telephone or email. via

What benefits do pensioners get in NSW?


  • utility bills.
  • property and water rates.
  • public transport fare.
  • motor vehicle registration.
  • train fare.
  • via

    Is there a problem with service NSW?

    “We're aware of an issue affecting multiple Service NSW transactions and services. In a statement, a NSW government spokesman said the COVID Safe check-in function had been affected by the outage. “The Service NSW app is currently experiencing technical difficulties,” the spokesman said. via

    Can I travel within NSW?

    Travelling intrastate (within NSW)

    If you live in NSW regional and rural areas, you must have a reasonable excuse to enter Greater Sydney including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong and Shellharbour local government areas. via

    Can you visit your parents in NSW?

    When the stay at home rules are in place, you cannot go out to visit someone that you do not normally live with. Under this rule you are a visitor if you previously lived in the same home as your parents, grandparents or another family member but have moved somewhere else to live. they cannot visit you at your home. via

    How do I change my service email NSW?

  • Select the 'Change online' button.
  • Log in, or create your MyServiceNSW Account.
  • To change or add an email address or mobile number, start typing in the relevant box.
  • Read and accept the Terms and Conditions before you submit the changes.
  • Print, save or email your transaction receipt.
  • via

    Can you leave the house NSW?

    You can move to a new home within Greater Sydney or move between your houses within Greater Sydney. If you are travelling to a different house outside of Greater Sydney for work, or urgent maintenance or repairs, or for animal welfare, only one person from your household can go. You must have a permit from Service NSW. via

    What time does RTA close?

    All Customer Happiness Centres are operating according to the normal work schedule from 8 AM until 7:30 PM and in Al Aweer centre from 8 AM to 8:30 PM. via

    Can a cleaner come to my house during lockdown NSW?

    General cleaning inside the household is not allowed. Maintenance or repair work is not allowed inside the household unless it is urgent. via

    How many hours can you work and still get Centrelink?

    suitable paid work for at least 15 hours per fortnight in the first 12 months you're on a payment. voluntary work of no more than 15 hours per fortnight in the first 12 months you're on a payment. via

    Can I go to Centrelink without an appointment?

    Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some service centres are currently not booking appointments. Check if this affects your local service centre. If you don't need to visit us, you can use one of our self service options. In a lockdown area only visit us if it's essential. via

    How much money can you make before it affects your Centrelink?

    We'll start to reduce your payment if your income is over $437 a fortnight. The Income Bank can help you keep more of your payment. You can get credits if your income is less than $437 a fortnight. Then you can use the credits when you earn more than $437 in a different fortnight. via

    Is Kiama in lockdown?

    The following Kiama Council facilities are closed to the public, due to the statewide COVID-19 lockdown: Kiama Leisure Centre. Kiama Coast Holiday Parks. The Pavilion. via

    Can I get my car serviced in lockdown?

    Although many non-essential businesses have been told to close again, car service departments and garages are allowed to remain open during the lockdown, so you should be able to get your car serviced. via

    Can I collect a car during lockdown?

    Under lockdown restrictions, car dealerships were classed as non-essential retail locations and had to close their doors. They were still allowed to make deliveries and offer 'click & collect' services, however. That means you can just turn up to any dealership and walk in to buy a car. via

    How much super can you have and still get the pension 2020?

    Assets Test

    A single homeowner can have up to $588,250 of assessable assets and receive a part pension – for a single non-homeowner the lower threshold is $804,750. For a couple, the higher threshold to $884,000 for a homeowner and $1,100,500 for a non-homeowner. via

    How much money can I have in the bank and still claim Centrelink?

    The limit is a total of both: $10,000 in one financial year, and. $30,000 in 5 financial years – this can't include more than $10,000 in any year. via

    How much money can pensioners have in the bank?

    For those in receipt of a part pension the rules are different though. Single homeowners can have up to $564,000 of assessable assets, while single non-homeowner can have $771,000. For a couple on part pensions the thresholds are $848,000 for a homeowner and $1,055,000 for a non-homeowner. via

    Is NSW service back online?

    Online services

    There are no service disruptions or outages. via

    How do I get a $100 voucher in NSW?

    How do I get the vouchers? As with the Dine and Discover vouchers, you'll need to apply through the Service NSW website or app for the vouchers. The vouchers will then be sent to you, or appear in the app once they have been granted. via

    How do I connect service to police NSW?

  • Go to the Add services page in your account. Note: You'll be prompted to log in or create an account.
  • Select the service you would like to add or apply for.
  • Follow the prompts to add your service.
  • via

    Is RTA a government agency?

    The Roads and Transport Authority (Arabic: هيئة الطرق والمواصلات‎), commonly known as RTA, is the major independent government roads & transportation authority in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is a department of the Government of Dubai. via

    What does the RTA stand for?

    Suggest new definition. via

    Can you go on holiday during lockdown?

    You can travel freely between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, unless you have to self-isolate because you have Covid symptoms or have tested positive. All holiday accommodation - including hotels, hostels, B&B, caravans and boats - can operate across the UK. via

    How many visitors can I have at home NSW?

    NSW areas out of lockdown

    If you live in or are staying in an area in regional NSW that's no longer in lockdown, you can have up to 5 visitors to your home at any one time. via

    Can I leave Sydney to go to regional NSW?

    You mustn't leave or enter the LGAs of concern in Greater Sydney — Bayside, Blacktown, Burwood, Campbelltown, Canterbury-Bankstown, Cumberland, Georges River, Fairfield, Liverpool, Parramatta, Strathfield or the 12 suburbs of Penrith — unless you have a reasonable excuse. via

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