Schools In Tasmania

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How many schools are there in Tasmania?

This is a list of schools in Tasmania. Schools in the public education system include 138 primary schools (Kindergarten to Grade 6), 57 high schools (Grade 7 to 10), and 8 colleges (Grade 11 and 12). The public education system is run by the Tasmanian Department of Education. via

What are the schools like in Tasmania?

Tasmanian schools have a non-compulsory Kindergarten year; followed by a Preparatory (Prep) year; with six years in Primary school (Year 1 to 6); four years in Secondary school (Years 7-10) and two years at Senior Level (Years 11 and 12). via

What is the most expensive school in Tasmania?

Tassie's most expensive schools — ranked from 20 to 1:

  • Lambert School, North Hobart.
  • Emmanuel Christian School, Hobart.
  • Dominic College, Glenorchy.
  • John Calvin School, Kingston.
  • Mount Carmel College, Hobart.
  • Guilford Young College, Glenorchy.
  • St Mary's College, Hobart.
  • Launceston Christian School, Riverside.
  • via

    How does school work in Tasmania?

    The Tasmanian Government provides schooling for students from Kindergarten through to year 12. Students begin their education in Primary school (ages 4-11). Students then change schools in Grade 7, Junior High School (ages 12-15). The next two years are Senior High School (ages 16-18). via

    How much are public school fees Tasmania?

    School levies are approximately AUD $300 – $750 per year and are charged by the school directly. For further information please refer to fees and levies. Note: Children temporarily living in Tasmania on a visitor visa may study up to 12 weeks, but must enrol as an International Full Fee-Paying Students (FFPS). via

    Is school compulsory in Tasmania?

    All Tasmanian children are legally entitled to a year of pre-compulsory part-time education in a government school in the year before Prep, known as Kindergarten. Kindergarten will be a voluntary program. Parents who wish to keep their child in long day care until they start Prep will be able to do so. via

    What is a Year 10 certificate called?


    NSW School Certificate (Year 10) or equivalent. via

    How many private schools are there in Tasmania?

    The three main education providers are the Tasmanian Government (213 schools), Catholic Education (37) and the Independent schools sector (29). via

    How many Catholic schools are there in Tasmania?

    There are 22 Catholic schools in Hobart and South East Tasmania. 2 Schools are non-denominational, 2 are Anglican-affiliated, one is a Lutheran school and one is Seventh-Day Adventist. 7 Schools in Hobart are CRICOS registered accepting international students. via

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