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Is Service NSW still open?

Our service centres remain open but have modified opening hours. Look up opening hours before going into a service centre. Some of the ways to do business with government have changed. Driver testing in NSW has been cancelled until further notice. via

Is Service NSW Open Saturday?

Most Service NSW centres in Sydney normally operate from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, with Saturday trading from 8.30am to 3pm. via

Can I call Service NSW?

For any customer service related enquiries, please email [email protected] or call 13 77 88. If you cannot access 1300 numbers (for example, you are overseas), you can call Service NSW on the landine +61 2 8894 1555. via

Can I visit Centrelink during lockdown?

In a lockdown area only visit us if it's essential. You can do most of your Centrelink, Medicare or Child Support business with us online through myGov. If you can't do your business online, you can call us. via

Can I go to Centrelink during lockdown?

If you're in a COVID-19 hotspot, lockdown or period of restricted movement. You may be able to get the COVID-19 Disaster Payment if: you had paid employment and because you were in the COVID-19 hotspot or are subject to restricted movement, you can't attend work. via

Is RMS and service NSW the same?

Service NSW offices replaced Roads and Maritime Services offices in New South Wales. On 1 July 2014, Service NSW was transferred to the Treasury and Finance cluster. via

What benefits do pensioners get in NSW?


  • utility bills.
  • property and water rates.
  • public transport fare.
  • motor vehicle registration.
  • train fare.
  • via

    What is my service NSW number?

    For other enquiries, call us on 13 77 88 from Monday to Friday between 7am and 7pm (Sydney time). For translation and interpreter services, please call 13 14 50 and ask the interpreter to phone 13 77 88. via

    What is an essential service NSW?

    essential services for the maintenance, safety and upkeep of public and recreational spaces. faith leaders broadcasting services and ceremonies at places of worship, or providing end of life care and support. via

    Can tradesmen work during lockdown NSW?

    Workers permitted at construction sites

    Workers from regional NSW (including affected areas of regional NSW) or Greater Sydney but excluding those living in or staying in a local government area of concern can work at construction sites in Greater Sydney and local government areas of concern. via

    Can you visit your parents in NSW?

    Visiting family at home

    When the stay at home rules are in place, you cannot go out to visit someone that you do not normally live with. Under this rule you are a visitor if you previously lived in the same home as your parents, grandparents or another family member but have moved somewhere else to live. via

    How many hours can you work and still get Centrelink?

    suitable paid work for at least 15 hours per fortnight in the first 12 months you're on a payment. voluntary work of no more than 15 hours per fortnight in the first 12 months you're on a payment. via

    How much money can you make before it affects your Centrelink?

    We'll start to reduce your payment if your income is over $437 a fortnight. The Income Bank can help you keep more of your payment. You can get credits if your income is less than $437 a fortnight. Then you can use the credits when you earn more than $437 in a different fortnight. via

    Can I get a payment from Centrelink?

    You can get it while you're unemployed and looking for work, or doing approved activities to find a job. It's also for when you're sick or injured and can't do your usual work or study. Youth Allowance for job seekers is an income support payment if you're 21 or younger and looking for work. via

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