Service Seeking Phone Number


How do I contact the service seeking?

Contact Us

Call 1800 934 184 to speak to a member of our team. We're in the office from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Sydney time (AEST) Monday to Friday. via

Who owns Service Seeking?

ServiceSeeking co-founder Jeremy Levitt. via

How do I cancel a seeking service?

Go to Payments and select Cancel. You just need to let us know why you're cancelling, and you'll then see a confirmation. We'll remove the "next billing date" and add an "expiry date". You can continue to use your Membership right up until that expiry date. via

How do I use ServiceSeeking?

  • Create a Free Business Profile. Create a Free Business Profile.
  • Choose a Membership Plan. Choose a Membership Plan.
  • Start Contacting Customers. Send quotes and prices for any job leads we send you, and contact customers to arrange a site inspection or discuss their job.
  • via

    How does service seeking make money?

    It is free for all to post or apply for a job (you get so many credits, if you go over this, then you pay) but ultimately, they make their money by taking a percentage of the job done. That way, the only people really paying for the service are those who are making the money. via

    What is Serviceeeking AU?

    Service Seeking is a website where customers can compare quotes & prices from local businesses. Fast forward 5 years and is now Australia's largest online services marketplace, generating 22,000 jobs a month. Businesses submit more than 100,000 quotes a month. via

    How does business service seeking work?

    Service Seeking operates an online tasking platform where tradespeople can quote and book jobs requested by consumers, such as gardening and cleaning services. “We know that online reviews and testimonials are important for consumers when they choose which business to buy goods or services from” Ms Rickard said. via

    What is Oneflare com au? Oneflare is an Australian online marketplace that connects customers and businesses. It has over 150 service categories from plumbers and electricians to pet groomers and interior designers to service the desired job. via

    How much does Service Com cost?

    Membership plans typically range from $85 to $440 per month depending on the number of leads you want to receive each month, so if you're not getting enough leads you may want to upgrade your membership. Upgrading your membership also reduces the average cost per lead. via

    How good is Airtasker?

    Very happy with Airtasker.

    Very Happy with Airtasker, I recommend it to all my Friends. There building a really good community. Airtasker offers a real chance of succeeding, in the very competitive world, Airtasker is the greatest platform that I've come across. via

    What does Oneflare cost?

    Three levels of monthly subscriptions are offered: $49 (five quotes and up to 10 leads), $99 (15 quotes and all relevant leads), and $159 (30 quotes, all relevant leads, and guaranteed lead access). via

    How do you use Oneflare?

    To get started, customers call our dedicated phone line, enter their postcode and wait to be connected to the nearest available professional. Businesses in close proximity to the customer, who match the requested service type, are then alerted via a phone call. via

    Is Oneflare good for businesses?

    Oneflare has a consumer rating of 3.55 stars from 282 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Oneflare most frequently mention great service, fast response and next day. Oneflare ranks 7th among Service Marketplace sites. via

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