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Are there Total Tools in Australia?

A proudly Australian owned and operated franchise network, we continue to grow and expand our unique offering Nation Wide. via

Is Total Tools a good brand?

TOTAL is a brand focus on top quality and affordable tools. Unlike other world famous brands such as Bosch, Makita, and Stanley, of high quality but too expensive, our idea of top quality is not only referring to the function, usability, and appearance but also the efficiency, performance, and maintainability. via

How many tool stores are there in Australia?

The Total Tools group now boasts 68 stores, with 10 more stores to be opened by the end of the year and a goal of 40 more stores to open in the near future. via

Who owns Total Tools Australia?

The owners of the Mitre 10 Home Improvement Chain in Australia, Metcash (IHG) has entered the final stage of negotiations to acquire 70 per cent of Total Tools Holdings (TTH), for $57 million, with an option to acquire the remaining stake at a later date. via

Is Sydney tools and Total Tools the same?

Total Tools differs from Sydney Tools and Bunnings because products are not displayed in boxes, meaning tradies can touch and feel before they buy. Total Tools was also one of the first hardware retailers to move online, launching its online store in 2014, and has a strong loyalty program, with 1.3 million members. via

What is the best brand of power tools Australia?

Here are the best brands of power tools in Australia, as rated by consumers in Canstar Blue's 2021 review:

  • Ryobi.
  • DeWALT.
  • Ozito.
  • Bosch.
  • Makita.
  • via

    Who bought Total tools?

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission approved the deal Aug. 20, saying it does not expect the merger to disrupt market competition. Under the agreement, Metcash will take over Total Tools' franchisor operations and two company-owned stores, including the recently opened store in Rockhampton, Queensland. via

    Where is total brand tools made?

    All TOTAL team are devoted in making TOTAL brand to grow into the world-class tools expert, TOTAL team are located in China. via

    Who makes ingco?

    Pamankada Group of Companies is the sole importer and retailer of the professional and affordable high quality Ingco industrial tools in the country. The world class Ingco products are manufactured at the state-of-the-art Ingco plant based in China. via

    Does metcash own Total Tools?

    Metcash will acquire the Total Tools franchisor operations, as well as two company-owned stores, including the recently opened store in Rockhampton, Queensland. Total Tools is a complementary business to our Independent Hardware Group and will present significant growth opportunities. via

    Where is Total Tools in my time at Portia?

    Total Tools is the store located in the Central Plaza under the Total Tools sign. It is owned by Mars, who shares a storefront with the Clothing Store owned by his wife, Carol. His store is stocked with materials and equipment. via

    What are types of tools?

  • Hammers.
  • Pliers.
  • Ladders.
  • Wrenches.
  • Clamps.
  • Measuring tools.
  • Tool belts.
  • Axes.
  • via

    Who is the CEO of Total Tools?

    An important message from our CEO – Paul Dumbrell | Total Tools. via

    Who is the owner of Sydney tools?

    Sydney Tools director Jason Bey said the family-owned retailer had enjoyed record sales in January, in February and so far this month and sales at mature stores were up 5 per cent to 10 per cent while newer stores were seeing 30 per cent to 40 per cent sales growth. via

    Is Mitre 10 Australian owned?

    Mitre 10 is an Australian retail and trade hardware store chain. Operations are based on a cooperative system, where the store owners are members of the national group and each has voting rights. via

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