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What is a UK 820 visa?

The Subclass 820 visa is a temporary partner visa that allows you to live in Australia. The Subclass 820 visa is the first stage towards a permanent Partner Visa (Subclass 801). You apply for both visas at the same time and pay only one application charge. via

Is visa 820 a permanent resident?

The Partner visa (subclass 820) is a temporary visa. It lasts from the date it is granted until a decision is made on your permanent Partner visa (subclass 801). The Partner visa (subclass 801) is a permanent visa – it lasts indefinitely. via

How long 820 visa takes?

How long will it take for a decision to be made on your subclass 820 application? The current average processing time for the subclass 820 visa is between 23 and 27 months (based on 75-90% of applications lodged). via

How much is visa 820?

Partner Visa Subclass 820 Application Cost:

The Partner visa (subclass 820) charge is AUD 7,715 for the main applicant. This fee covers this temporary visa and the Permanent Partner visa (subclass 801). There is also a charge for each family member who applies for the visa with you. via

What is the difference between visa 820 and 801?

Difference between 820 and 801 Partner Visa

The Subclass Visa 820 is a temporary or a provisional visa whereas the subclass 801 partner visa is a permanent visa. a) The fee is paid at the time of application of the Partner Visa Subclass 820. via

How long does it take to go from 820 to 801 visa?

subclass 820 Temporary Partner Visa is about 17 months for 75% of all the visa applications, and 23 months for 90% of all the visa applications. subclass 801 Permanent Partner Visa is about 11 months for 75% of all the visa applications, and 19 months for 90% of all the visa applications. via

Can I travel overseas on 820 visa?

If you do find yourself stuck overseas for whatever reason whilst your 820 visa application is being processed and the Department of Immigration decides that you are eligible for grant of the partner visa, the Department will notify you and in most cases will liaise with the relevant visa office to support the grant of via

Can visa 820 get Centrelink?

Holders (not for pending applications and on bridging visas) of a Subclass 820 or Subclass 309 Partner Visa may be eligible to apply for Centrelink for a limited range of benefits including Family Tax Benefit, Dad and Partner Pay, Parental Leave Pay, and Low Income Health Care Card. via

Is 801 a permanent visa?

The subclass 801 visa is a permanent residence partner visa which is applied for and granted onshore. It forms part of a combined application comprising the following visa subclasses: Subclass 820 – Partner (Temporary) via

Can I work full time on 820 visa?

You must continue to meet the conditions of your student visa whilst it is in effect. Once your student visa expires, you will be on the BVA associated with your lodged partner visa and you can work full time. If you visa is cancelled whilst your 820 partner visa is processing, you will go onto a Bridging Visa E (BVE). via

Do I need to apply for 801 after 820 granted?

Two years after the Subclass 820 Partner Visa was granted the Applicant and Sponsor were informed that they were eligible to apply for a Subclass 801 Permanent Partner Visa. This means that a subclass 820 visa holder is usually required to wait two years before their 801 visa application is able to be finalized. via

Can I study on 820 visa?

Once granted the 820 visa, you will be granted access to up to 510 hours of free English language tuition. These classes are provided across Australia's cities and even rural or regional areas. There are many options for study, including: The choice of full-time or part-time study. via

Can I marry an Australian to become a citizen?

Can I obtain citizenship through marriage? There's no special route to become an Australian citizen by marriage. Having an Australian spouse or partner, however, should weigh in your favour when you need to show you have ongoing ties to the country, as part of your application pack. via

Is Bridging visa A permanent visa?

A bridging visa is a temporary visa we might grant you in certain circumstances. Bridging visas let you stay in Australia lawfully while your immigration status is resolved. The type of bridging visa we might grant you depends on your circumstances. via

How long does it take to get 801 citizenship?

801 Visa to Citizenship

Four years after you receive your Partner Visa (Sublcass 801), you can apply for Australian citizenship. The citizenship requirements are: You must pass a citizenship test, unless you are 60 or older. You must not have lived outside Australia for longer than 12 months during the last 4 years. via

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