Wa Seniors Card Application Form


How do I get a new Seniors Card WA?

You can request a replacement card from the WA Seniors Card Centre or apply online with a My WA Seniors Card account. Download and complete the replacement card form (PDF) or pick one up at the WA Seniors Card Centre or any Australia Post location. Mail the form with copies of your identification. via

What age can you get a seniors card in WA?

To be eligible for the WA Seniors Card program, you need to be: Aged 64 years or above. An Australian Citizen or hold an Australian Permanent Resident Visa. Reside in Western Australia. via

What benefits do you get with a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card?

What are the extra benefits you can get if you hold a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card?

  • Discount on electricity and gas bills.
  • FREE or lower rates on healthcare expenses such as ambulance, eye checkup, and dental care.
  • Discount on water and property rates.
  • Discount on transport fare.
  • Discount on recreational activities.
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    Do I qualify for a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card?

    You can get the CSHC if you are an Australian resident who is either: a veteran aged 60 years or over with qualifying service. the partner or widowed partner of a veteran with qualifying service who has reached age pension age. via

    What does a seniors card entitle me to?

    The NSW Seniors Card gives you access to the Gold Opal Card transport concessions and public transport concessions Australia-wide. If you reduce your paid employment to 20 hours a week or less (averaged over 12 months), or you retire completely, you can convert your Senior Savers Card to a Seniors Card. via

    What is the difference between a seniors card and a Commonwealth Seniors Card?

    Senior Cards are available from your local State or Territory government. If you're receiving the Age Pension, you'll be entitled to a Pensioner Concession Card. If you're not receiving the Age Pension, you may be entitled to a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card. via

    What benefits do 60 year olds get?

    The best benefits for pensioners and the over 60s

  • State pension benefits.
  • Free eye tests and dental care.
  • Free TV license.
  • Discounts on public transport.
  • Help with heating your home.
  • Benefits for carers and disabled individuals.
  • Military pension benefits.
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    Who is eligible for Seniors Card?

    You must be aged 60 years or older, a permanent resident of the state and not working more than 20 hours a week in paid employment. There is no income or pension limit and you can find out more on the scheme on the website. via

    What benefits are available for seniors?


  • Apply for a NSW Seniors Card or NSW Senior Savers Card.
  • Apply for the pensioner water rebate.
  • Find out about the Life Support Rebate.
  • Apply for the NSW Spectacles Program.
  • Apply for the appliance replacement offer.
  • Energy rebates and discounts.
  • Energy efficient lighting discounts.
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    What is the income limit for Commonwealth Seniors Health Card?

    To meet the income test, from 20 September 2020, you must earn no more than the following: $55,808 a year if you're single. $89,290 a year for couples. $111,616 a year for couples separated by illness, respite care or prison. via

    Do self funded retirees get a health care card?

    Introduction. The Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC) was introduced in 1994 to offer self-funded retirees access to the same Commonwealth health benefits as pensioners. The health benefits offered by the CSHC are: Access to a lower Medicare Safety Net - more help with costs sooner. via

    What assistance is available for self funded retirees?

    The concessions and discounts that may be available include:

    Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme discounts. Cheaper out-of-hospital medical expenses. Concessional rail travel. Extra health, household and transport discounts. via

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