Western Union Contact Number Australia


How do I contact Western Union Australia?

  • Give us a call. Get in touch with our Customer Care representative for assistance. 1800 173 833. If calling from overseas: +61 2923 19729. Give us a call.
  • Find a location.
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    How do I contact Western Union customer service?

    Western Union via

    Does Western Union have 24 hour customer service?

    Do you have questions about our services? We are available 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. via

    Is Western Union number free?

    Call us at 0808 234 9168. Email Customer Care at [email protected] via

    What is Western Union customer service number?

    Western Union via

    Can I get scammed through Western Union?

    If the funds haven't been picked up by the receiver, you'll get a full refund, including the transaction fee. If your money has been picked up by the receiver and you suspect you are a victim of fraud, we encourage you to file an official fraud claim with Western Union and to report your situation to law enforcement. via

    Can I have the 1 800 number for Western Union?

    Western Union via

    How do I get a refund from Western Union?

  • Log in to your Western Union profile through wu.com or our mobile app.
  • Once you log in, we'll show you your Recent money transfer activity.
  • If your money transfer is eligible for online cancelation, you'll see a Cancel transfer link.
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    How long does it take to get a refund from Western Union?

    Refunds typically take up to 10 business days from the date they are completed. via

    How do I know if someone blocked my Western Union?

  • If it is Declined by the Bank. If your payment is declined by the bank, you must contact them for inquiries.
  • If it is declined by Western Union.
  • If You Forgot Password.
  • Mobile App.
  • If Your Western Union Name is Blocked.
  • If Your Transactions is Blocked.
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    Can I send 3000 through Western Union?

    AT AGENT LOCATION: There's usually no restriction on the amount of money you may send at an agent location. ON THE PHONE: The money transfer limits range from $300 to $2,500. Note: Limits may vary based on sending and receiving location, so it's best to check with Western Union itself before sending. via

    Can you chat with Western Union?

    Western Union via

    Has Western Union been hacked?

    Western Union has confirmed one of its IT suppliers was hacked, and that customer information was exposed to miscreants. via

    What has happened to Western Union?

    After experiencing financial difficulties, Western Union began to move its business away from communications in the 1980s and increasingly focused on its money transfer services. The company ceased its communications operations completely in 2006 and is now the second largest money transfer provider in the world. via

    How do I accept Western Union online?

    Log in to online banking at a participating financial institution and go to the Western Union money transfers via Interac e-Transfer section to enter the recipient's information. Enter the required fields and confirm your money transfer. via

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