Westpac Eftpos Error Codes


What is 116 declined?


Why does my Westpac card keep declining?

There are multiple reasons why a card transaction may decline. It may be due to the physical card, the linked account, a connection issue or merchant error. via

What does code 51 mean on Eftpos?

51 – Not sufficient funds, refer to Card Issuer. 55 – Incorrect PIN, have customer input PIN again. 91 – Issuer Unavailable, voucher required. 61 – Daily Limit Exceeded, seek other form of payment. via

What does declined 61 mean?

The customer's card issuer has declined the transaction as it will exceed the customer's card limit. The customer should use an alternate credit card. via

What does declined 91 mean?

The card issuer (your customer's bank) could not be contacted, or did not respond in time. The credit card transaction has not been processed. You can retry the transaction after waiting for 15 minutes. via

What does code 96 mean?

Code 96 simply means your score is not yet ready. Some scores take longer to process because of late testing, complex shipments that require longer processing time, or other special circumstances. via

What does declined 57 mean?

A decline code 57 appears when a credit card issuer will not permit a transaction because of the card's configuration. Often, the card issuer will not allow the transaction, as the customer cannot use that specific card for the payment transaction. via

What is declined 51 mean?

The customer's card issuer has declined the transaction as the credit card does not have sufficient funds. Advise your customer of this fact, and they should either use an alternate card or contact their bank. via

Why is my Westpac account not eligible?

There are some cases where you will not be able to stop receiving paper statements for an eligible account type. This may be because your account are statement preference are linked to a mortgage account in an offset arrangement, or a permanent overdraft is loaded on the account. via

Why is my card getting declined even though I have money?

Debit cards can be declined even when you have money. Verify you have money, use the right pin, and the card has been activated. Your card type may not be accepted, is expired, or may have been flagged for suspicious activity. Verify you have provided correct information and contact your bank if problems persist. via

Why is my Mastercard declined when I have money?

One of the most straightforward reasons your card could have been declined is that you've hit the card's credit limit. The card company simply won't let you borrow any more money until you've made a payment. via

What does code 51 mean at Walmart?

A credit card processing response of Auth Code 51, is a decline for insufficient funds, the credit limit has been exceeded. via

How do I settle an Eftpos Commonwealth bank?

Press [1] to enter EFTPOS menu 3. Press [2] for TOTALS 4. Enter the manager password and press [OK] 5. Press [1] for SETTLEMENT 6. via

How do I fix Error 51?

How do I fix error code 51 on Steam? To fix Steam error 51, verify the integrity of the game files, install the latest graphics card drivers, whitelist the game on your antivirus, and repair Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables. via

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